About testing center
The Testing Center (hereinafter CT) was established in 2002 by order of the President of the University. The main goal of the CT is to provide organizational and technical support to improve the quality of education in the continuous education system of the university.
The performance of the DH functions is aimed at implementing one of the important tasks of national education - ensuring the availability of quality education for the university. The success of the center is facilitated by the professionalism, creativity of its employees and dedication to their work.
One of the most important directions of the DH's activity is the organization of the formation of the base of test tasks for all the above activities. When forming task bases, the requirements for compulsory passing of the stages of test production are observed:
1. Training of developers and experts;
2. Development of test items;
3. Examination of test items;
4. Approbation of test items;
5. Entering test items into the database.
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