Yermekbayeva Akbope Tontayevna
Head of the Research Institute "Fundamental and Applied Research»

Office: office 216, building A, 27A Tokaeva str.

Yermekbayeva Akbope Tontayevna - was born on February 19, 1988 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Education: Higher education.
Graduate of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H. A.Yasavi:
- 2005-2009. Bachelor's degree in the educational program "Biology»;
- 2009-2011. Master's degree in the educational program "Biology»;
- 2014-2017. PhD in the educational program "Biology".
- 2018. Defense of the doctoral dissertation at the Abai KazNPU (Almaty)
Work experience:
2011-2014-Master teacher of the Department of "Biology" of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute.
2014-2017-Doctoral student of the Department of "General Biology"of KazNPU. Abaya.
2017-2020-PhD, Senior lecturer of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography of the Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute.Altynsarina (Arkalyk, Kazakhstan).
2020-2021-PhD, Acting Associate Professor of the Department of "Biology and Agricultural Specialties" of the Taraz State University of Innovation and Humanities.(Taraz, Kazakhstan).
2018-member of the Association of Young Scientists and Teachers of Kazakhstan
2020-Head of the Department of "Biology and Agricultural Specialties" of the Taraz Innovation and Humanities University. (Taraz, Kazakhstan).
2021 - present-Head of the Research Institute "Fundamental and Applied Research" at the SILKWAY International University (Shymkent, Kazakhstan).

General information:
The Research Institute "Fundamental and Applied Research" at SILKWAY International University is a structural research division of the university and directly reports to the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation. The Institute does not have an independent balance sheet and the status of a legal entity and is headed by a head.
The Institute operates in accordance with the Charter of the University, the regulations on the research work of the University, the main normative and methodological documents regulating university research, the internal regulations of the University, and this Regulation.
The activities of the Institute are financed from the funds of Kazakhstan and foreign state and non-governmental funds, funds from contract work, as well as funds of sponsors, Founders of the University, public organizations, enterprises and other income not prohibited by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Research Institute "Fundamental and Applied Research" has the right to acquire and dispose of property necessary for scientific research and production and economic activities in accordance with the established procedure.
The Research Institute consists of 5 structural divisions (research centers):
- SC " Mathematical and Computer Modeling";
- SC "Psychological and pedagogical research";
- SC "Science of Life";
- SC "Turkology";
- Kazakhstan-Russian National Center for Legal Research.
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