SILKWAY International University realizes international projects:

  • «Water Harmony Eurasia II»
  • Jean Monnet Module "European reforms and innovation in higher education: harmonization and implementation in Kazakhstan" in the framework of Erasmus+
  • Project to Improve the University 's Corporate Culture with the Involvement of an International Expert within the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Water Harmony- II
The Eurasia Program CPEALA-2015/10036 "Water Harmony - Integration of Education, Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Water Harmony II)" has been implemented at SILKWAY International University since October 4, 2018, when our university became an associate partner and later a full member of the project.

Water Harmony – Integration of Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Water Harmony-II) project aims to develop and expand the Water Harmony initiative started during the previous phase (2011-2014), based on lessons learned, to new areas with more partners.

It intends to establish a scientific and pedagogic consortium including 12 partner universities from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Norway to harmonize water related higher education to increase the relevance and quality.

The Water Harmony Programme is administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU) on the basis of an agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Webinar QualityAssurancePolicyinHigherEducation: EuropeanExperienceandKazakhstan's case.

OnApril 22, 2020 withintheEuropeanModuleJeanMonet"EuropeanReformsandInnovationsinHigherEducation: harmonizationandImplementationinKazakhstan", a webinaronthetheme "QualityAssurancePolicyinHigherEducation: EuropeanExperienceandKazakhstan's Case "was held. Speakersofvebianareconsci.cand., assocprof., expertof ECTN, expertofFundforAccreditationandExpertise ofhighereducationquality(FIBAA), cand.ped.sci, MemberofNationalTeamofExpertsinReformingoftheHigherEducation, ChairmanofAdvisoryCouncilof NAAR, advisertotheRectoroftheUniversityNarxosMarinSkiba. Speakershighlightedthemostpressingissuesofqualityinhighereducation: philosophyofqualityofeducationalsystems, challengesandprospectsofinternalqualityassurancesysteminKazakhstanuniversities, externalqualityassurancesystem. Thewebinarwasattendedby SWIU masters tudents, interested academic andstaff from universitiesofShymkent city.

The module 600319-EPP-1-2018-1-KZ-EPPJMO-MODULE «European Reforms and Innovation in High Education: harmonization and implementation in Kazakhstan»

Module is being realized at Silkway International University from September 2018 and will be running to 31 August 2021.

Course content

  • Theme 1. The history of European cooperation in the field of education.
  • Theme 2. Education related policy initiatives and policies in EU since the adoption of the Lisbon strategy.
  • Theme 3. Formation of the European Higher Education Area.
  • Theme 4. European Union education authorities and European programs
  • Theme 5.Competences and Qualifications in EU.
  • Theme 6. European Credit Transfer System in the EU.
  • Theme 7. Strategy learning and teaching in the European Union.
  • Theme 8. Student – oriented education in the European Union.
  • Theme 9. Internationalization and academic mobility.
  • Theme 10. Quality assurance policy in European Higher Education.
  • Theme 11. The EU policy on the development of a lifelong learning system (LLL).
  • Theme 12. The European Research Area.
  • Theme 13. EU Approaches to Enhancing the Social Dimension of Higher Education
  • Theme 14. The "Education and Training 2020" strategy of the European Union.

The project envisages the following main events:

1- й year (1 sem – 3 days) – 50 participants

Workshop "European system of ensuring quality: why it is important more than ever"

2- year (2 sem – 1 day) – 50 participants

Workshop the Competition of the best cases in the field of the European educational reforms

2- year (2 sem – 1 day) – 80 participants

Action of the presentation of a course

3- year (2 sem – 1 day) – 50 participants

Roundtable debate "Practical steps on improvement of education in Kazakhstan taking into account the European experience"


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More detailed information:

Link - Jean_Monnet

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SILKWAY International University is implementing a major project with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The project was launched in January 2020 under the guidance of a European expert, a recognized specialist in the field of international education Dr.Paul Sullivan.
The key objectives of the project include the transformation of university management and the integration of effective business processes in the SILKWAY International University
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