For foreign students
How to reach to SILKWAY International University:
• First steps after arrival:

After arrival, contact the International cooperation and academic mobility center of SILKWAY International university (the main building is located at Tokaeva street 27 "A", office 114) to get the necessary instructions for accommodation in a hostel and migration registration of foreign citizens at migration agency.

Contact number : + 77252 984002


SWIU student house (dormitory):

For international students, there is a comfortable hostel with all conditions, equipped with Wi-Fi, a large reading room, a dining room and a gym.

The hostel is located at the address : Shymkent city, 21- mcr. ,17A Amangeldi street.

• Registration of foreign citizens:

· For students far abroad countries:

- You must obtain a visa before arriving in the Republic of Kazakhstan at an official representative office.

II For students of neighboring countries:

-It is obligatory to have a passport;

- Registration at the Migration service of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Shymkent city;

- Registration should be made within 5 days after arrival in the city;

- Specialist of the International cooperation and academic mobility center , provides practical assistance of registration in Migration service for foreign students. Nuskabay Mukhtar - (mobile: +77470163510 , office 114).
Degree programmes:
I. Bachelor
Degree programmes:
II. Masters degree
· Required documents for admission to the University:

ü Passport (notarized copy ) - 2 pieces;

ü Certificate of secondary education or diploma with an attachment (notarized copy ) - 2 pieces;

ü Photo 3X4 - 6 pieces;

ü Medical certificate form 086 –U RK, and 063 at the place of residence;

ü Apostille of the education document;

ü Nostrification of the document.

· Orientation week:

ü During the orientation week, students get acquainted with the University, get practical information about the educational process (class schedule, information about the use of ISUDO, etc.).

ü During the introductory week, students get acquainted with the deans of faculties, heads of departments and curators.

Interesting places in Shymkent
· Trade-entertainment services:

- Shymkent Plaza (Al-Frabi square);
- Mega Planet Shymkent (at the corner of Kunayev-Tauke- khan streets);
-ТS Bereke (at the corner of Kunayev-Tauke- khan streets);
- ТS Rakhima plaza (Nursat microregion);
- ТS Bayan-Sulu (old bus station);
- ТS Firkan city (Tauke-khan street 334);

· Banking services (nearby):

- Kaspi bank (Kaldayakov street without number);
- Khalyk bank (Al-Farabi square);
- Sberbank (on Kunayev street, near corner of Turkestan street);

  • Telephone numbers for emergency cases:
- Fire services-101
- Police-102
- Medical ambulance - 103
- Emergency-112
- Information desk- 09/118
  • Phrasebook:
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