Tolebay Bekzat Oktyabrevich
acting Director of the Department of educational work and youth policy
Master of economic Sciences
Phone number: + 7 747 829 73 03
Instagram: @b.tollebaev

Tasks of the Department of educational work and youth policy

- implementation of the policy and goals of Silkway International University in the field of quality;

- compliance with quality management requirements and quality system obligations;

- organization of work on the modernization of public consciousness at the University;

Compliance with the requirements of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan MES of RK on the issues of modernization of public consciousness (software articles, educational-methodical and informational letters) and the program "rukhani zhangyru» ;

- formation of an intelligent nation, its representatives must have contextual intelligence (the ability of a person to receive education and master it for their well-being and society), emotional intelligence (the ability of a person to recognize emotions, understand the intentions and moods of others, emotions and emotions of other people to solve practical problems), spiritual and physical mind (the ability of a person to preserve their health), i.e. pragmatic active, competitive, smart to preserve national specifics, resourceful, open consciousness and worthy of the evolutionary development of Kazakhstan . ;

- organization and scientific support of the project work of the University faculty for the implementation of the program of modernization of public consciousness and "rukhani zhangyru» ;

- Organization and control of the work of the faculties responsible for the higher school of public organizers for the implementation of the "rukhani zhangyru" program ;

- organizing the work of the University's expert Commission to review projects prepared by the University's teaching staff on a voluntary basis;

- organizing the work of the University speakers ' pool on a voluntary basis of the media contest;

- development of methodological recommendations for the organization of modernization of public consciousness at the University;

- cooperation with universities of Shymkent, Turkestan region and the Republic on the modernization of public consciousness;

Center for Student Initiatives
The Student Council is the highest executive student organization in the university. The work of the «student government» is directly controlled by the university administration. Once a month, the day of «student self-government» is held. They have their own officials, structure, plans and are approved by the rector of the university at the beginning of the academic year. He also takes an active part in all events held around the university.
Jas Otan - is a youth organization created under the "Nur Otan". This is a school for young politicians. He has been working at our university since 2014. Pays attention to issues of discipline, cleanliness within the university, as well as the ability to conduct office work by students.
Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan - performs the following functions::
- protection of the rights and interests of students;
- formation and improvement of students ' patriotic consciousness;
- formation of an anti-corruption worldview among young people;
- improving the intellectual potential of students;

The Dostyk Club is an organization that unites various ethnic groups in our university. Promotes youth, regardless of nationality, race, religion, the right to education on an equal basis with all. In addition, various events dedicated to the holiday of different nationalities are held.
The Silkway team is a KVN team created at the University. Numerous winners of the city, regional and republican games zhaydarman. In 2018-2019, he played in the «Republican Premier League» and «Republican A League» in Almaty and became a finalist. The competition was presented on the air of the national TV channel «Kazakhstan» and the TV channel «Tamasha-TV».
The debate club «Zhalyndy Zhastar» was established in 2011 under the leadership of senior lecturer of the faculty of «Pedagogy and Psychology» Chinibayeva G. D. The main goal is to develop and disseminate debates between students of SILKWAY International University.
Promote the formation of a new generation of young people with a high spiritual, intellectual and moral level, politically literate, patriotic, feeling their civic responsibility to society.

Student council
Student Rector
Student of the 4th year of the pedagogical faculty
Phone number: +7 747-463-05-35
Chairman-MK " ZHAS OTAN»
Student of the 3rd year of the philological faculty
Phone number: +7 771-499-49-50
2nd year student of the philological faculty.
Phone number: +7 771-364-33-69
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