Department of Academic Affairs
The Department of Academic Affairs is a structural subdivision of the International University "Silkway"

The main goal of the Department of Academic Affairs: coordination and organization at the university level of activities for planning, organizing, managing, monitoring and improving the educational process, educational and methodological work in accordance with the quality assurance guidelines and university strategy
    • the formation of the academic policy of the university;
    • development of internal regulatory and instructive documents aimed at improving the educational process;
    • implementation of long-term and current planning of the educational process;
    • development, monitoring and management of educational programs;
    • organization, coordination and control of educational and methodological work of the university, faculty and departments;
    • organization and management of the educational process based on credit training technology;
    • calculation of the teaching load, development of the draft staffing table for teaching staff and educational institutions for departments and the university;
    • organization and conduct of current, intermediate and final control;
    • monitoring the assessment of students' knowledge;
    • accounting and monitoring of the movement of the contingent of students;
    • generalization and dissemination of advanced teaching experience, the introduction of modern educational technologies at the university level;
    organization and control of professional practice for students.
    Unit structure:
    Educational and methodical management Front office of students
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