Postgraduate education center
Zuarbekov Talgat Talapbekuly

Master of Engineering
Head of the Center for Postgraduate Education

Phone: 87016344651

The center for postgraduate education is a structural division of Silkway International University, which provides training for master's and doctoral programs.

Since the opening of the master's degree program, the University has trained more than 2000 undergraduates. They work in leading higher educational institutions of the Republic, in the field of public service, business companies and legal services.

The main goal of the center:

- Training of highly qualified, competitive, scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel;

- Providing graduate students with not only theoretical knowledge, but also additional practical skills.;

- Formation of a specialist capable of scientific research, along with a high-level culture.

The University aims to cooperate with the best educational institutions in the world, ensuring that undergraduates are aware of scientific information in the world.

Main functions and tasks of the center:

1. organization and coordination of the educational process in the field of postgraduate education.

2. provision of normative documents regulating the educational process of master's and doctoral studies.

3. development of normative documents of postgraduate education.

5. Coordination of academic mobility and scientific training of undergraduates and doctoral students.

6. Organization and monitoring of the final assessment.

The center trains specialists in 13 master's degree programs and 2 doctoral programs.

Terms of study in the master's program:

- Scientific and pedagogical direction (2 years).

- Profile (profile) (1 year).

Mussa Kurmangazy Orazaliuly
Methodist Of the center for postgraduate education
Jumasyl Aiganym Bakytzhankyzy
Methodist Of the center for postgraduate education
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