Сenter of distance learning technologies
Head of the center of distance learning technologies
Imamurasulov Akmalhon Sultanmuratovich
Competence / Duties
the direction of CDLT

Office number: 8(7252) 537152 (142)
Email: Akmal_xon@mail.ru
Office: room 106, Tokayev street 27A, Main building
Office hours: 16:00-18:00
Сenter of Distance Learning Technologies is a structural subdivision of the Silkway International University. The
Center of Distance Learning Technologies (CDLT) supports, designs and manages the means of distance and mixed learning at Silkway International University.
- Deals with issues related to the digital and technological aspects of the courses;
- Participates in decision-making and planning on distance learning issues.

General strategic directions
In order to achieve its goal and mission, as well as to meet its vision and values, the Distance Learning Center strives to achieve the following goals:
Development of distance learning policies and recommendations; Provision of training for the development, design and implementation of distance education; Convenient studio work for recording and editing online lessons; Development of consistent e-consulting services for distance learning.
Increasing students 'readiness for distance learning; Expanding students' academic opportunities to complete the program remotely; Transition from traditional to distance learning.
Creation and design of a handy learning environment; Development of an alternative digital platform for distance learning; Annual assessment and analysis of online courses; Collaboration with other institutions related to online learning.
ISUDO is a handy learning management system (LMS) that supports learning needs for a wide range of people. ISUDO provides a powerful set of student-centered tools and a collaborative learning environment that enhances both teaching and learning opportunities. Due to its flexibility and scalability.
(Information system of a higher educational institution)
"ISVUZ" is created as a system that combines the tasks of managing the educational process, automated control of students ' knowledge, formation of an electronic data bank of educational and methodological materials, control of executive discipline and criteria indicators of an educational institution.
BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing software. The system is designed primarily for distance learning. The name BigBlueButton comes from the original concept that starting a web conference should be as simple as clicking a metaphorical big blue button.
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