Academic mobility
Academic mobility - the transfer of students or research teachers for a certain academic period (including the passage of educational or practical training), usually a semester or academic year, to another higher educational institution (domestic or foreign) to study or conduct research. With the obligatory transfer in the established order of the mastered study courses in the form of credits at your university.

There are distinguished external (international) and internal (national) academic mobility.

External academic mobility refers to the training of students in foreign universities, as well as the work of research teachers in foreign educational or scientific institutions.

Internal academic mobility refers to the training of students, as well as the work of teachers and researchers in leading Kazakhstan universities.

Implementation of academic mobility

Within the framework of the signed agreements between SILKWAY International University and partner universities 2 applications are annually accepted for participation in academic mobility programs.

Application deadlines:

For the fall semester - April 30 (inclusive);

For the spring semester - November 5 (inclusive);

Who can participate:

- bachelors 2-3 course,

- undergraduates - 1 course

- doctoral students - 1-2 course

- GPA not lower than 3.1 (internal mobility) and 3.3 (external mobility).

Required documents:

- questionnaire (download form);

- copy of identity card / passport;

- transcript, ordered in OR – office 115.;

- medical certificate 082 / y (for traveling abroad);

- certificate of language proficiency at the level of B2 (depending on the language of study at the partner University);

- individual curriculum for 1 academic year (request at the Department)

- photo-3x4, 6 PCs;

- file - 1 PC.

The originals of all documents must be submitted to the International Cooperation and Academic Mobility Center before the above dates (office 114, SWIU main building).

For additional information, contact the Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility :

160011, г. Shymkent city, Tokayev street, 27 А


E –mail:

Tel.: 8 (7252) 984002
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