JSC SEC "Shymkent" at the Silkway International University

Today, the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC SEC "Shymkent" B. T. Kankin was pleased with his evening planned visit to the Silkway International University. During the visit, Bauyrzhan Tokbolatovich got acquainted with the museum named after B. S. Yunussov and the modern front office. He expressed great admiration for the infrastructure he saw.
During his visit, Bauyrzhan Kankin also visited SmartHub Silkway, where he first met a team of young IT professionals headed by Nurlybek Zhumatayev (PhD, Vice-Rector for Digitalization of SWIU), who spoke in great detail and in detail about the activities of the center, his own developments and future plans.
It should be noted that B. Kankin became interested in the installation of “Anti-covid" - a multifunctional device that detects the presence of a medical mask and in its absence gives out the mask itself, as well as in a special compartment there is an antiseptic made public by the sensor, when approaching the hand to which he himself sprays an antiseptic sanitizer.
B. Kankin, in addition, especially noted the complex: "Smart Pedestrian" - this is a pedestrian who helps people safely cross the road at any time of the day or night, preventing accidents. The pedestrian is equipped with lasers and a projector that turn on when a person steps on the pedestrian thereby giving the drivers a sign (signal) to stop.
At the end of the meeting, both sides gave a positive agreement on further mutually beneficial cooperation.

It should be noted that JSC SEC "Shymkent" is a self-sufficient commercial organization, a point of "entry" for investors and interaction with them on all issues. The SEC is now forming the correct structure of the city's economy.
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