Minister at the International Silkway University

Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagin Musdin, Deputy Mayor of Shymkent Sattibayev Aibek Berikovich, Head of the Digitalization Department Asset Maratovich Abdrakhanov got acquainted with the projects of SmartHub and IT companies in Shymkent, located on the basis of the Silkway International University.

The main goal of SmartHub is to improve the quality of services for employees and students using digital technologies, as well as to facilitate the transition to a fundamentally new development trajectory that will ensure the introduction of digital technologies in all areas.
Today, SmartHub employs 10 specialists. There is also a coworking center, a seminar room, a STEM zone, a video and photo studio, a recreation area, a business incubator, and workplaces. It is equipped with 30 computers, 1 Promobot-4 robot, 3 3D printers, a touchpad and additional equipment.
SmartHub is currently working on the following projects:
* Smart pedestrian lane (with "Nur-Kom-Tel")
• Anticovid project
• Robot assembly
• 3D modeling
• Price control
• Smart Sunflower
• Face Recognition (video recognition)
• Digital Shymkent portal
• Database of proposals (database of proposals aimed at improving the city of Shymkent)
• Smart counter Electronic counter (on the Internet of Things)

There are also training courses:
• Robotics
* Programming
* 3D modeling
• Create animations
* Business trainings

For the first time among southern universities, the Promobot V. 4 employee robot was purchased.
The intelligent robot will provide information about the university and provide services to students without the participation of staff.

SmartHub Astana is also the official regional representative of the International IT Technopark HUB in Shymkent. From November 12 to December 24, 2020, the Accelerator 2020 program was held for the first time. On the 1st stream of the program, 39 start-up projects were accepted, 15 start-up projects were implemented. The program was attended by 18 experts / trackers. The program was funded by the International IT Technopark Astana HUB.
All this is done in order to train educated, highly qualified specialists who will contribute to the development of the country.
Bagdat Batyrbekovich got acquainted with all the projects, including "Smart Pedestrian Path", "Antikovid Project", "Price Control", "Smart Sunflower", "Smart Meter" and others. The projects proposed for participation in competitions for financing innovative projects and public procurement competitions, as well as obtaining copyright certificates, were highly appreciated.
He also noted that it would be great to link the Anticovid project to the SKUD system.
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