Cooperation in education-opens the way for joint initiatives

The delegation of Silkway International University paid a working visit to Bolashak University. The members of the working group are PhD in biology, head of the Research Institute "Fundamental and Applied Research" Ermekbaeva A.T., head of the Scientific Center "Science of Life", Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Zhigitekov T.A., Head of the Department "Chemistry and Biology", Candidate of Technical Sciences Tuleshova K.T. and Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Sikhimbayev A.E. exchanged experience of educational and scientific work on the basis of a memorandum concluded between the two universities.

Bolashak University, which monitors innovations in the field of education and science in the country, constantly provides high-quality education for students and undergraduates. Today, the University is working efficiently on the training of personnel in the humanitarian, pedagogical, natural science and medical fields, increasing the personnel potential, improving the practical training of students.

At the initiative of the rector of Bolashak University Kuanysh Daurenbekov, the issues of deepening the content of education within the framework of the academic mobility program, where students study in a modern format and get their experience, were correctly raised. This is evidenced by the academic building, the house of students, and the sports complex built in the new format. Foreign educational materials, laboratory equipment and medical models, simulation centers will undoubtedly take their place in improving the quality of education in the direction of innovation and digitalization of the educational process of the University.

During the visit, a round table was organized with the heads of departments, the faculty of Bolashak University.

During the meeting, the assessment of the current achievements of the two universities and joint scientific, educational and methodological work was given. During the meeting, topical issues, the course of publication of articles in international journals, and the directions of modernization of public consciousness were discussed. The director of the Bolashak Research Institute of the University, M.O. Nasimov, said that he has direct contact with the publishing journals "Sociosphere","Young Scientist"and works with Elsevier publishers.

The agrobiological center "Astaukol" on the agrobiological site "Balzhansay" of the University, which has become a practical base for the formation of educational skills of students of natural science and agriculture, has a specialized beekeeping apiary for receiving 6 tons of honey per year, a greenhouse of 4 complexes, the agrobiological center "Astaukol" with an area of 23 hectares.

The members of the delegation paid special attention to the fact that the University pays attention to inclusive education, provides comprehensive support to students with disabilities.

The continuity of cooperation in the field of education between Silkway International University and Bolashak University will continue in the category of joint research and academic mobility.
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