Day 2 "Silkway Science Week-2021". Master class: "Teacher's professionalism is the key to quality education»

Today, on April 27, 2021, within the framework of the Science Week "Silkway Science-2021", organized by the Research Institute "Fundamental and Applied Research" (moderator Yermekbayeva A.T.), a master class was held on the topic "Professional skills of a teacher-the key to quality education". As you know, the main priority in the field of education in the region, including personnel training, is the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University. A master class was held in an online format with the participation of a respected teacher, associate professor of the Department of Biology, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Khalikova Gulmira Satybaldievna, who has been working for more than 30 years and feeds the student youth with knowledge. The master class of the methodologist and teacher was attended by the teaching staff and students of the Department of Chemistry and Biology, the Department of Science and Innovation of the Silkway International University. Gulmira Satybaldievna highlighted in detail the prerequisites for the training of teachers of the new format, based on many years of experience, the teaching methodology between today's school and university, the reforms in the field of education, the features of the updated content of education. The master class was very informative, and the audience received answers to several questions. In the future, it is planned to hold joint events between the two universities.
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