The development of mediation activities is a time requirement.

The development of mediation activities is a time requirement

On March 25, 2021, a webinar on "integrated education as a tool for developing professional competencies of future lawyers" was held in Shymkent, organized by the Department of" Science and Innovation "of Silkway International University and the information and Methodological Center"Orkeniet".

The webinar was attended by students and professionals from educational institutions in the cities of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Kyzylorda, and Uralsk. The webinar started with a welcome speech by the Vice-rector for Science and Innovation of the International University Silkway Zhakipbayev B. E. In his speech, he noted the purpose of the webinar. In addition, the president of the Silkway International University, Nauryzbay Talgat, said that in 2020, a legal website dedicated to mediation activities will be launched, with a presentation at this webinar of the project on the topic "integrated educational competence", which received an educational grant named after B. S. Yunusov.

In his speech, the speaker also noted that the institute of mediation occupies a special place in the history of the Great Steppe, and we have every right to call this mechanism "the heritage of our ancestors", noting that it was on these principles of mediation that the Biy Steppe Court of yesterday was based.
Then the" Union of Mediators of Kazakhstan", professional mediator Murzagulova Bakhitgul Kisimbaevna (Nur - Sultan) made a speech with a speaker on the topic" Mediation activity – a mechanism of reconciliation".
Mediation-is used in disputes that have arisen mainly in civil cases, including in the field of education, health, labor, family and other legal relations, as well as in criminal cases of small and medium gravity. Among the principles of the procedure are voluntary; confidentiality;mutual respect; equality of the parties; impartiality and fairness of the mediator; transparency of the procedure, " the speaker stressed.
The chairman of the information and methodological center "Orkeniyet" - Kozdibaeva Abila Kozdibaevna (Shymkent) at this webinar noted the areas of implementation of this project. Among them, the center "Mediation Services" at the Silkway International University noted that from March 2021 to May 2022, the "Hour of the Mediator"is held once a month on the Onlineformat.
The speaker also told the participants of the webinar about the program of the special course "Mediation Activity", which will be implemented in educational institutions through hours of additional education in the curricula for preparing for the future profession of a lawyer within the framework of this project. The educational program "Mediation Activity", developed within the framework of the project, is offered to students of the 3rd year in the amount of 72 hours in the 2021-2022 academic year.The ways to achieve the intended goals and the selected methods of scientific methods used in the project are based on the didactic principles of teaching.
The built-in program is based on several values that correspond to the ideas of "Mangilik El". These are respect, partnership, civic responsibility, openness, and lifelong learning.
The goal of the project, within the framework of these values, is to create a favorable educational space for the development of harmonious personal professional competencies of a highly educated, creative person, " the speaker said.
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