About the art of Kazakh folk weaving at the Silkway International University.

Today, a working meeting was held in the format of a round table in the field of applied arts. The round table was organized by the Department of Scientific Research Organization of the Silkway International University, to which Natalia Bazhenova, senior researcher of the Department of Applied Arts of Kazakhstan, was invited. A. Kasteeva (Almaty);Bektayeva Dana Erikovna-collector of Kazakh handmade carpets and other hand-woven products of the XIX-XX centuries, entrepreneur, researcher of the philosophy of the worldview of Kazakh culture, writer, satirist (Turkestan); and Konakbayeva Ulzhamal Zhandaralievna-PhD, head of the Department "Professional Training and Art" of the International University Silkway.

Natalia Bazhenova presented the theme "Kazakh folk weaving", in which she colorfully described the technique of this folk art as an integral part of the ethnic culture of the Kazakh people. During the presentation, N. Bazhenova invited the staff and students of the Department of Professional Training and Art of the International University Silkway to collaborate and conduct joint research in the field of applied art.

In turn, Dana Bektayeva, speaking on the topic: "Kazakh carpets and their secrets" told us about the secrets of patterns and their symbolism in the Kazakh traditions.

As a result of the meeting, plans for cooperation in the near future and the conclusion of a memorandum of cooperation were outlined.

It should be noted that the Department of "Professional Training and Art" of Silkway International University also has numerous types of applied arts. Following the meeting, the head of the department Ulzhamal Konakbayeva invited the speakers to visit the university museum and the department, as well as to exchange experience in this field offline.
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