"Silkway Science Week-2021" invites you

Today, April 26, the opening of the Science Week "Silkway Science Week – 2021", organized by the Department of Science and Innovation of Silkway International University, took place.
The rector of the Silkway International University, Mr. Zharkinbekov M.A., addressed the participants of the Science Week with a welcoming speech. Achievements in the field of science today are the result of human activity. In a digitized society, the main reference point of life is scientific knowledge based on the discoveries of science and technology. The path of science is a form of knowledge, full of abyss, like a peak. Today's large-scale achievements in science and education are the result of the experience of the human race, accumulated over the years, like every drop.

Undoubtedly, the deepening of the content of theoretical knowledge will not only open the way to new areas of science and education, but also affect the development of scientific views and scientific thinking. Employees leading the path of science, known to the faculty and scientists, are engaged in science, learn on the way to science-they require great enthusiasm, aspiration, dedication and responsibility.
With a welcome speech to the opening of today's science week "Silkway Science Week-2021" addressed in the online format:
1. Tokat Gaziosmanpasha University from Turkey Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Head of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature Petan Petek;
2. Chairman of the Council for Science at the N. Nazarbayev Foundation, leading employee of the Department of Socio-Political Research, PhD in Philosophy Yermek Toktarov;
3. Acting Head of the Department of training of scientific personnel of the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Ph. D. Gulzad Baimbetov;
4. Rector of the University of the Future, PhD Kuanysh Daurenbekov.

In total, from April 26 to 30, at the Silkway Science Week – 2021: seminar "Ways to publish articles in international scientific journals", "Professional skills of teachers – guarantee of professional education", scientific and methodological seminar "European reforms and innovations in higher education: harmonization and implementation in Kazakhstan", webinar "Methodology of work in the Scopus and Web of science database", republican seminar "Natural Science and education: problems, practices, opportunities", round table" New in Kazakhstan legislation: administrative justice", round table "Study of Turkic medieval languages". – problems and main tasks in the study", the international online training "Suggestive technologies in the work of a psychologist" and the webinar "Actual problems of improving technical and professional education".

In addition, the Science Week "Silkway Science Week-2021" will be held on April 30 as part of the campaign "Young Scientists of Independence - let them shine!" and will end with the Republican online scientific Conference of young Scientists and students.
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