Inetektual youth of Shymkent is concentrated in SWIU

04.01.2021 singer Saken Maigaziev gave an interview to the project "Zhastar ait bar", which united the International University Silkway and the Youth Resource Center of the city of Shymkent. The project addressed a number of topical issues of culture, art, and youth.
After getting acquainted with the educational institution, Saken Maigaziev did not hide his admiration for the knowledge of our teachers and the activity of young people. "The intellectual youth of Shymkent is concentrated in the Silkway International University, because the teachers are wise,"he said.
The pop star explained the importance of culture and wished good luck to the youth of the city.
The full version of the interview can be viewed on the pages of Silkway International University in social networks!
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