Zhigitekov Talgat Anarbekovich
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Head of the center

Phone: 87018162028
Email address: jigitekov-6363@mail.ru

Goals and objectives of the center:
The purpose of the Center "Science of Life" is to organize and conduct scientific research, to involve the teaching staff, students and undergraduates of the university in scientific activities, to organize the exchange of experience for the implementation of scientific activities by scientific and pedagogical workers, students and undergraduates.

The tasks of the Center are:
2.1. Preparation, provision and assistance in conducting research works;
2.2. Assistance in improving the quality of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, increasing the qualifications of the university's teaching staff;
2.3. Organization of scientific conferences, seminars, "round tables";
2.4. Organization of effective interaction with universities and research institutes for participation in competitions for grant financing of projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international competitions;
2.5. Attracting qualified specialists of scientific organizations and universities to read special courses and lectures.
2.6. Organization of exchange of scientific and pedagogical personnel, students with specialized universities and laboratories, scientific and educational organizations.
2.7. Ensuring the interaction of science with the educational process, the use of the results of research work in lecture courses, the experimental base for the implementation of educational research, laboratory and course work.
2.8. Publication of the results of scientific research.
Center functions:
3.1. Organizes seminars, round tables, conferences;
3.2. Establishes and maintains scientific relations with educational institutions, scientific organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad;
3.3. Prepares and writes research projects, conducts research within the framework of the projects.
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