Research centers
The university has 5 research centers:
1) Research Center "Turkology»
2) Scientific Center " Mathematical and Computer Modeling»
3) Scientific Center " Psychological and pedagogical research»
4) Scientific Center " Science of Life»
5) Kazakh-Russian Scientific Center for Legal Research
Club of Young Scientists
The Club is a youth meeting of authorized representatives of the university, which forms and conducts youth policy, protecting the interests of young scientists in the professional sphere and social problems.
The Club is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Charter of the International University of SILKWAY, on the basis of normative legal documents regulating the activities of the University, as well as the principles of democracy, voluntariness, publicity, equality and self-government.
The club was created for the purpose of:
- assistance to young scientists in improving their professional level;
- development of scientific potential and realization of their creative possibilities;
- representation, protection and implementation of professional, intellectual, legal and social interests and rights of scientific youth in SILKWAY International University
- promotion of scientific knowledge and the latest achievements of science.
The main objectives of the Club are:
- promotion of professional growth of scientific youth of SILKWAY International University, development of youth scientific initiatives and consolidation of young scientific personnel in SILKWAY International University.
Preparation of proposals for improving scientific work at SILKWAY International University
- assistance in providing organizational and financial support for scientific activities of young scientists, their participation in research projects and programs, scientific internships, competitions, scientific conferences and seminars held in Kazakhstan and abroad;
- informs about scientific projects and programs, funds that support the scientific research of young scientists( grants), scientific and educational centers in the country and abroad, as well as specialized events (conferences, seminars) held in Kazakhstan, countries of near and far abroad;
- organization and promotion of scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and competitions for the best scientific and technical products, assistance to young scientists in the publication of articles and reports;
- participation in the certification of undergraduates and interns at the meeting of the Scientific and technical Council of the university;
- carrying out activities aimed at assisting young scientists in mastering the methodology and methodology of research work; promoting scientific, technical and cultural growth of young scientists;
- organization of information support for scientific youth, presentation of information on vacancies, funds, grants, conferences, schools and other events to support scientific youth;
- creation of an information database of scientific research and development of young scientists of a scientific organization, research institutes, higher educational institutions;
- assistance in attracting young scientists to active work on domestic and foreign grants, when applying for a master's degree,
- preparation and passing of the exam, conducting research and defending master's theses;
- nomination of works of young scientists for prizes of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and other ministries, recommendation of talented young specialists for master's or doctoral studies;
- submission to the rector's office of their recommendations and suggestions on the issues of work, life and recreation of young scientists;
- promotion of initiatives of young scientists aimed at solving their social problems.
General information
The research work of the university is aimed at the development of basic sciences and applied research in the priority areas of pedagogy and psychology, law, economics and natural sciences.
The policy of choosing the directions of research work is to maximize the use of material, technical and human resources of the university. The research projects cover regional and national problems in the field of regional economic integration, economic and technological growth, computer modeling and application of pedagogical technologies, etc. Employees, faculty and students of the university are informed about the university's policy in the field of research and development.
The University has developed a long-term research development plan for 2016-2020. On the basis of the plan, thematic research plans are drawn up annually. The topics of scientific projects cover economic, mathematical, information and analytical, historical, biological and other topical issues of the city of Shymkent, the Turkistan region and the Republic. On average, 60% of students from the total number of full-time students take part in NIRS annually.
International cooperation of the University in all aspects of the scientific and educational process is one of the priority areas of its activities. The educational institution is located in China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc. There are official agreements on bilateral long-term cooperation with educational and research organizations, universities.
The research activity of the university has reached a fairly high and high-quality level. The University pays special attention to the relationship between science and the educational process. The priority areas of scientific research are pedagogy, economics, law and technology. According to the results of scientific research, candidate and doctoral dissertations are defended, scientific articles are published in international journals with a non-zero impact factor, which are included in the webofscience and Scopus databases. Scientific articles and scientific research of scientists published in foreign publications are one of the main criteria in the ranking of the university.
Research projects
SILKWAY International University is accredited as a subject of scientific and scientific-technical activities for participation in scientific and scientific-technical competitions at the expense of the state budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The topics of scientific projects are aimed at solving current economic, mathematical, information and analytical, historical, biological and other problems of the republic and South Kazakhstan region.
Landscape studies of the South Kazakhstan region, drawing up an ecological and geographical map, determining the natural reserves of plant raw materials and obtaining essential oil
Project manager: PhD Ibragimov, etc.
Project objective: to study the quantitative and qualitative composition of the flora of medicinal plants containing essential oils, to make a map of the area based on them, and to develop an effective technology for obtaining essential oils.
Expected result: study of stocks of essential oil medicinal plants in various regions of the South Kazakhstan region, determination of the boundaries of their distribution zones, as well as the growth of the accumulation of essential oils by flowering phases; creation of an electronic database on the distribution zones of essential oil and medicinal forms of plants using GPS; use of the results of research works to solve socio-economic problems of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Scope of the results obtained
Data on the stocks of essential oil plants in all regions of Southern Kazakhstan, the possible volume of harvesting, proposals for the rational use of wild medicinal plants will be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection of the South Kazakhstan region.
The field of use of the obtained essential oil: pharmacy, perfumery, food industry.
Project duration: 2018-2020
The amount of financing is 30 million tenge
In the competition for financing projects for the commercialization of the results of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities for 2017, they took part and became winners of the SWIU scientific project "modernization and organization of production of multifunctional POS-terminals for the trading market of Kazakhstan".
Project manager-PhD zhumataev N. S. The purpose of the research is: software for POS-terminals to ensure organizational and economic stability, transparency of economic indicators and accounting of income and expenses of the population of Kazakhstan, increase public confidence in the general declaration.
1.the analysis of existing systems of POS-terminals (cash registers and terminals) was carried out.
2. POS terminal software for multiple functions
3. The efficiency of the software of the integrated POS-terminal system is determined.
Main design and technical and economic indicators: The POS-terminal is an additional function of the cash register, as well as a compact and fairly effective assessment.
Efficiency: POS terminals greatly facilitate the work of customers and strengthen control over the movement of funds. Optimizes the costs of entrepreneurs, saves time. Second-tier banks are increasing their customer base for non-cash services. The POS-terminal will allow prompt and efficient service, as production is planned in Kazakhstan.
Scope of application: second-tier banks, retail outlets, warehouses, transport companies, State Revenue Committee.
Student Scientific Society
The Scientific Society of Students is an organization that conducts the student's life interesting and comprehensive in the field of science, attracting students to participate in various scientific projects, conferences, student business incubators, round tables. Every student after entering the university should be engaged in science at some level for self-realization. Science gives the student the opportunity to search and work in their field, thereby contributing to the formation of a good specialist. This organization also conducts various intellectual games, events, and competitions aimed at education. These words develop students ' horizons, expand their horizons, and encourage curiosity.
SNO is a large family that unites young people who strive for knowledge, development, and new heights.
The purpose of the SNO is the activity of students in the process of showing interest in the educational process, research work and the social sphere, improving students ' knowledge in various fields of science.
* Deep and creative development of educational material by students;
* Independent solution of scientific and technical problems, training in methods and tools;
* Mastering the methods of scientific knowledge by students;
* Increasing the activity of students in cultural and social, intra-institutional and non-institutional life;
* Participation in student conferences, seminars, debates;
* Establishing contacts with students from Kazakhstan and abroad;
* Assistance in creating conditions for additional financial incentives for students;
* Identification of students ' interests and abilities;
* Formation of research skills.
* Introducing students to creative activities in various forms, taking into account the level of special general scientific training;
* Continuous participation of students in research work due to the complexity of tasks and the expansion of the territory of scientific research;
* Be a support for the initiative and activity of students.
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