Department of Economics and Business
The Department of Economics and Business trains specialists in three areas of bachelor's degree:

"Accounting and Auditing";

And also under the Master's program: "Economics".

The scientific and methodological potential of the department is aimed at developing new teaching technologies, a new generation of textbooks and teaching aids, training qualified personnel. Curricula and programs are constantly being improved with a focus on including innovative courses in the educational process.
The level of educational and educational-methodical work is quite high, which is confirmed by the results of the sessions, open classes, the availability of the necessary methodological support for organizing the educational process of day and distance students.

The teachers of the department participate in international conferences, developing contacts with foreign universities.

Students of economic specialties annually participate in international and republican student scientific conferences, at which they successfully speak and win prizes, which is confirmed by numerous certificates and diplomas.
Teaching staff
Kuralbaeva Alma Shoraevna
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Position: Head of the Department of Economics and Business
Phone: +7 7017402280
Kurmanbaev Serikbai Kozhanovich
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Phone: 8-777-577-47-08
Berdibekova Gulmira Sultanbekovna
Ph.D., senior lecturer
Agabekov Absattar Yuldashevich
Ph.D., senior lecturer
Kamalov Akhmet Alikhodzhaevich
Ph.D., senior lecturer
Turalina Svetlana Merekeevna
Ph.D., senior lecturer
Zharmakhanbetov Nurali Seidalievich
Senior Lecturer
Zhusupova Gaukhar Ganievna
master, senior lecturer
Beknazarov Bakhyt Doktyrbaevich
master, senior lecturer
Esenbekova Sapargul Salimbaevna
master, senior lecturer
Statsenko Olga Alekseevna
Ph.D., senior lecturer
Research work
The Department of Economics and Business employs 2 doctors of economic sciences, professors; 7 PhD in Economics, including 2 associate professors and 5 senior teachers; 1 Doctor PhD; 4 masters in economics and one specialist.

The teaching staff of the department works in several research areas:

"Study of the current state and development trends of the confectionery market in the southern region"
- "Investments in human capital - as a key strategic priority of economic development";
- "European reforms and innovations in higher education: coordination and implementation in Kazakhstan" (educational project).

In addition to the teaching staff of the department, undergraduates and students are involved in research work. In 2019, professors and teachers of the department published in high-ranking journals: Scopus - 3 scientific articles, education control committee - 3 scientific articles, in 2020 Scopus - 2 scientific articles, education control committee - 7 scientific articles. In scientific journals that are not related to education control committee, 1 article was published for 2019, 6 articles for 2020.

At international scientific and practical conferences of the teaching staff, 47 articles were published in 2019, 51 articles in 2020, 12 articles were published in 2019 and 15 articles in 2020 with undergraduates and students.

The teaching staff of the department maintains close cooperation with many universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Poland and others.

The students of the department conduct research activities in the scientific circle "Bolashak-economist", take part in various competitions of students' research papers and Republican forums. The subject of students' research work is related to the research direction of the department, as well as to topical issues of socio-economic development of the southern region and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole.
Educational work
Educational work at the Department of Economics and Business is focused on the active participation of the department in the formation of a student's personality and is a necessary organic component of educational activities, integrated into the general process of training and development.

The main factors of education are: the organization of the university environment itself; stimulating students' self-government both in the field of study and scientific activity, and in the organization of leisure.

The tasks of the university and the department are aimed at ensuring a high quality of the cultural and economic-professional component in the content of education, we are talking about the upbringing of highly developed individuals who are competitive specialists.

The main areas of educational work are:

- civil and patriotic: instilling social and political literacy, preventing the spread of destructive political ideas among the youth, tolerant, respectful and respectful attitude to traditions and culture, art and religion of the peoples living in multinational Kazakhstan; providing support for public policy;
- moral and spiritual: fostering students' immunity to destructive religious ideology, understanding the place and role of religion in society;
- legal: prevention of delinquency and crime among young people;
- physical education: development of mass sports, participation in amateur sports competitions, organization of sports leisure for students;
- cultural and creative: participation in art circles, the formation of aesthetic taste, the development of student amateur performances,
- social: clarification of the principles of social partnership, the formation and development of a volunteer student movement;

Thus, the department forms the professional and intellectual competence of future specialists through a system of measures that ensure the integrity, consistency, continuity of the content and organizational forms of education, taking into account the specifics of the department, traditions, human resources, social needs.

The purpose of the educational work of the department is:

1. the formation of students' worldview and active life position, the ability to work and life in the conditions of modern civilization and democracy;
2. education and development in students of patriotism and pride in their country, tolerance, independence, initiative, creativity.

Educational work of the Department of Economics and Business is carried out in accordance with the plan for educational work, approved at the beginning of the academic year.

The total contingent of students of the specialties "Economics", "Accounting and Auditing" and "Finance" for the 2020-2021 academic year is 608 people, who are divided into 25 academic groups: in the 1st year - 11 groups, in the 2nd year - 6 groups, in the 3rd year - 5 groups and in the 4th year - 3 groups.

For each academic group, curators are assigned from among experienced teachers.

Students studying in economic specialties actively participate in the social life of the university in the following areas:
1. Strengthening the educational functions of the educational process;
2. Expanding the activities of student self-government;
3. Strengthening extracurricular language training of students;
4. Intensification of scientific research activities of students;
5. Legal education of students;
6. Formation of the volunteer movement
7. Formation of a corporate spirit among students and a positive image of the university.
International relations and academic mobility
International relations of the department are getting stronger. In addition to the leading universities in Turkey, Spain, Greece, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

For example, on November 25, 2020, within the framework of the "International season" week, the senior lecturer of the Department of Management and Economics of the International University of Kyrgyzstan Zainilova Nargiza Kerimakunovna gave a lecture on the topic: "Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic during the Covid-19 pandemic".

Students of the department study at leading universities abroad under the program of external academic mobility. Training is conducted according to the international standard using the latest educational technologies and the introduction of active and interactive teaching methods
Double degree education
At the Department of Economics and Business from the 2018-2019 academic year, a double-diploma education is being implemented in two educational master's programs:

1. "International trade" with the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Moscow, RF)
2. "International Management" with the Public Academy of Krakow (Krakow, Poland)

Under the program "International Trade", the 2nd year master student Saparbek Aliya is currently studying. During her studies at the RUDN University, Aliya showed herself, actively participated in university activities of the faculty and the university, is a diploma winner of the competition of scientific works of the RUDN University, received a diploma and a second place for research on the topic "Market of cashless payments: history of Russia and the USA"
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