General information
The research work of the university is aimed at the development of basic sciences and applied research in the priority areas of pedagogy and psychology, law, economics and natural sciences.
The policy of choosing the directions of research work is to maximize the use of the material, technical and personnel potential of the university. The research projects cover regional and national problems in the field of regional economic integration, economic and technological growth, computer modeling and the use of pedagogical technologies, etc. Employees, faculty and students of the university are informed about the university's policy in the field of research and development.

The University has developed a long-term research development plan for 2019-2022. On the basis of the plan, thematic research plans are drawn up annually. The topics of the research projects cover economic, mathematical, information and analytical, historical, biological and other topical issues of the city of Shymkent, the Turkestan region and the Republic. On average, 60% of the total number of full-time students take part in SRW every year.

International cooperation of the university in all aspects of the scientific and educational process is one of the priority areas of its activities. The educational institution is located in China, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc. There are official agreements on bilateral long-term cooperation with educational and research organizations, universities.

The research activity of the university has reached a fairly high and high-quality level. The University pays special attention to the relationship between science and the educational process. The priority areas of scientific research are pedagogy, economics, law and technology. According to the results of scientific research, candidate and doctoral dissertations are defended, scientific articl
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