Department of Foreign Philology
Mission of the department: Decent education for future professionals in the field of foreign language education to meet the needs of society and the labor market.

Quality policy and objectives.

The department adheres to modern trends in the development of education, through the use of active teaching methods that contribute to the formation of universal and professional competencies of students.

The purpose of the department is to train competitive personnel based on the intellectual potential of the individual in the field of foreign language education. .

Tasks of the department:
• increasing students' motivation to learn a foreign language;
• formation and development of multicultural competence;
• organizing and conducting scientific, practical and creative events in foreign languages;

• development and formation of language competencies in the professional field;
• fostering a tolerant attitude towards foreign cultural values.
• modernization of the content of education, the use of modern technologies in the educational process;
• improving the language training and pedagogical skills of the teaching staff of the department;
• development of international cooperation in the field of scientific research of the teaching staff of the department;

The department employs 39 teachers (4 PhD doctors), 11 candidates of sciences, 1 associate professor (VAK), 13 masters.

According to the results of 2020, the Department of Foreign Philology won the nomination "BEST DEPARTMENT OF THE YEAR"for merits in the development of the university, a significant contribution to education and science.
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Research and scientific activities
Research topic of the department "Formation of foreign language competence among students in the context of intercultural communication"
The teaching staff of the Department of Foreign Philology in the period from 2020 published 68 scientific publications, of which 39 scientific articles in foreign and domestic scientific publications, as well as in materials of international and regional conferences, 8 scientific articles were published in journals indexed in the RSCI database, 21 scientific articles of the KKSON RK

The introduction of the research achievements of the team into the educational process ensures the importance and modernity of education, its high scientific and methodological degree.

Students of the Educational programme "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages" and "Translation Studies": Z.Shukurova, A.Kaldybaeva, N.Myrzabek, U.Umirbaeva became owners of a two-year scholarship program «International English Access» (2020-2022) with the support of the regional office of English programs of the United States Embassy in Nur-Sultan. Scientific adviser: Master teacher Umarbekova G.T.
Teaching staff at a training seminar on the topic: "The use of methods and techniques in English lessons in the 11th grade in the framework of the updated content of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan" on the basis of the 26 school-gymnasium named after Zhambyl. Moderator: head of the UNPK OP "Foreign language: two foreign languages", head of the MO "English language" Baitemirova A. K. In the photo: office named after Professor B. S. Yunusov, 26 Zhambyl Gymnasium
On January 15, 2021, at the Faculty of Philology at Silkway International University jointly with the Institute for Advanced Training of Teachers of JSC "National Center for Advanced Training of Orleu" in the Turkestan region and Shymkent, a master class was held on the topic "Differentiated approach – as an effective method for reaching students (within the framework of the updated educational programme in Kazakhstan)". The purpose of the master class is to give the university teaching staff the necessary information on the programme of updated content of secondary education of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the proper level, to discuss ways to transform tasks depending on the differences in students ' abilities. The master class was conducted by the coach of AO CRK "Orleu", doctor of philological Sciences Shoimanova Moldir Balgabaeva.

The master class was attended by the teaching staff of the Department of Foreign Philology of the Faculty of Philology.
Students of the 1,2 course of the department "Foreign Philology" on educational program 6В01703 "Foreign language: two foreign languages" and educational program 6B02301 "Translation studies" under the mentorship of scientific advisers: F.I. Artykbaev, A.K.Moldaslamova, A.G.Orazbaeva, D.A.Antontseva, G.T.Umarbekova, G.B.Pernebava, D.O. Toychieva took part in the II Republican Subject Olympiad for students. The organizer of the competition was the Coryphaeus Education Center, Almaty. The "English" Olympiad was held in a distance format with the diplomas awarding of I, II, III degrees and a certificate for participation. In total, 50 students from the department took part in the Republican competition, of which 16 took first places: Anarkulova M., Sarieva D., Azizullaeva Z., Nurlybaeva S., Khalikova G., Pazylbek Қ., Parahat Қ., Zholdasbek M., Narmatova D., Alikberova M., Abdullaeva D., Shaistakhanova F., Toychibaeva M ., Narmatalieva M., Rasulova D., Saydiganieva D.
In October 2020, the SMART HUB of Silkway International University hosted a TEDTalks discussion on "Cyberbullying". Participants: 1st year undergraduate Abdurahim Alimov "What is there on the Internet!", Student of group 119-75 Akida Erkinbayeva "A blue whale", student of group 136-01 Gulnara Akbarova "Cyberbulling stop", Ulbala Omirbay "Cyberbulling", group 119-85 student Diana Azamatova took part in the theme "Fight, do not suffer."
On October 15, 2019, the Olympiad in the Chinese language was held at the Department of Foreign On October 15, 2019, the Olympiad in the Chinese language was held at the Department of Foreign Philology. The participants of the Olympiad were 1-2 year students of the specialty "Foreign language: 2 foreign languages" and "Translation". The honorary guests of the Olympiad and the jury were the director of the Shymkent city branch "Chinese Shymkent" - Abdrakhmanova A.A., "PetroKazakhstan Oil Products" assistant Chief Engineer - Esirkepov Kh.B., teacher of Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology in Shymkent - Yuchen Liu.

According to the results of the Olympics:

1st place was taken by a 2nd year student - Myrkadirova Nilufar,

2nd place was taken by a 2nd year student - Amilkhanova Diloromkhan,

The 3rd place was taken by a 2nd year student - Tazhibaeva Gulirano.

All winners were presented with certificates and valuable gifts, as well as various discounts for training in language courses "Chinese Shymkent".

Participation of teaching staff in projects:

- "Formation of foreign language competence of students of non-linguistic faculties in the process of teaching a professionally oriented foreign language (based on the English language)" (project manager, Ph.D. Shoimanova MB)

Together with the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasavi, Head of the Department of Foreign Philology of the Silkway International University Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Artykbaeva F.I.

- The project on the topic "Research and development of an educational-methodical complex for the study of English with the improvement of communicative skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) of students in grades 6-9" atta zhobada birles zhumys atgaruda (Project manager, Ph.D. Meirbekov A.K.).

The results of R&D implemented in production and the educational process in the 2018-2019 academic year were 7 acts of implementation, in the 2019-2020 academic year there were 8 acts of implementation. For 2019-2020 protection of intellectual property and copyright of researchers there are 3 copyright certificates and 1 patent for the opening of a student coffee shop Jaguar.
Winning the competition for an educational grant. B.S. Yunusov 2020-2021
Winning the competition for an educational grant. B.S. Yunusov 2019-2020
Educational and methodical activities
The department adheres to modern trends in the development of education, introduces innovative technologies, uses active teaching methods that contribute to the formation of universal and professional competencies of students. Much attention is paid to the continuous improvement of the implemented educational programs through the effective use of modern technical teaching aids, such as the latest audio and video materials.

Improving teaching methods is a priority component of the entire system of teaching. And an important role in the implementation of this process is played by the conduct and discussion of open classes, mutual visits of classes, which are carried out according to the approved schedules, drawn up within the framework of the annual work plans of the department.

Tutorials of Foreign language Department in 2020 academic year:
1. Peculiarities of translation of Abay Kunanbayev's works into English (comparative analysis of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages) for students majoring 6В0136-Translation studies – the authors Suyberdieva A. A., Spatai A. O., Akylbayev G. I.

2. A collection of lectures on discipline "Theory and practice of translation" for students majoring 6В0136-Translation studies-the authors Akashova M. M., Spatai A. O.

3. "The collection of tests in the modern English language" for students of the specialty 5B011900-Foreign language: two foreign languages is the author Antontseva D. A.

4. A collection of lectures on Linguistics for first-year students of the specialty 6В0136-Translation-the author Dmitryuk N. V., Artykbayev F. I., Antontseva D. A.

5. Reading and writing in Arabic language (for students of the specialty 5B011900 - foreign language: two foreign languages) as the authors of Kudaibergenov A. A., Moldaslamova A. K.
01/09/2020 Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Philology A.A. Khudaibergenov made a presentation on the topic "How to learn Arabic in a short time."
On November 22, 2019, the department held educational seminars of the associate professor of the Department of Foreign Philology Kadyrova M.B. In her report on the topic "Communicative methods of teaching a foreign language", the novelty of the communicative method and its features in the learning process were noted.
In her report "Problem-based teaching as an effective method of forming cognitive activity in a foreign language lesson" on March 12, 2020, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Suyuberdieva A.A. presented effective methods for the formation of cognitive activity in interesting lessons.

The teacher of our department, Candidate of Philology Shoimanova M.B. In her report "Criteria Assessment" at a methodological seminar on May 5, 2020, she spoke about the theoretical or practical basis for changing the role of teachers in assessing student achievement in the context of introducing updated content of criteria-based assessment for secondary school teachers.
Webinar for Arabic teachers. Speaker Moaz Sabri, Cairo in cooperation with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Saudi Arabia with the support of the International Center for Arabic Language of the Egyptian University of Islamic Culture Abdullah Abul Aziz. The teachers of the second foreign language (Arabic) of the Department of Foreign Philology, Candidate of Philology A. Donbaeva, L. A. Baynazarova, S. A. Khudaibergenov, took part in the seminar (November 20-27, 2019). Yunus K. K., Zhumabaev O.D., Pirnazarova T. M., as well as 3rd year students of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages".

Practice and employment
The main goal of pedagogical practice is the formation of professional skills of a foreign language teacher in practical activities based on theoretical training in psychology, pedagogy and methods of teaching foreign languages, as well as on the basis of an analysis of the educational process in a particular educational institution and generalization of positive pedagogical experience.

Industrial practice is aimed at implementing theoretical knowledge and improving practical skills and abilities in preschool institutions, general education schools, boarding schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, sports schools, colleges and other educational and specialized institutions for pedagogical specialties.

Corporate partners and employers play an important role in the development of internship programs and their organization. Practice programs reflect the goals, objectives of the practice, the competencies formed, the main content of practical activities and the requirements for reporting documentation, assessment criteria. The bases of practice are determined in accordance with the concluded agreements with institutions, organizations and enterprises.

Professional practice is an obligatory component of the 5B011900 professional curriculum - "Foreign language: two foreign languages" and is aimed at consolidating the theoretical knowledge gained and acquiring practical skills. In the process of mastering the EP, students undergo educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice

The purpose of the educational practice is: obtaining students of primary professional knowledge; consolidation, development and improvement of the primary theoretical knowledge acquired by students in the course of training in 1 and 2 courses; acquisition of professional skills and abilities in the specialty. 2 credits have been allocated for practical training, which are mastered within one week.

The purpose of the practical training is: consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge, the formation of sustainable professional competencies, the formation of the ability to independently and efficiently perform the assigned tasks and make informed decisions, the collection of empirical material for the preparation and writing of the final qualifying work, strengthening the motivation for professional activity. As well as the acquisition of practical skills, improvement of the quality of vocational training, consolidation of the knowledge gained in the disciplines passed, the acquisition of work experience in general secondary schools. There are 4 credits for on-the-job training, which are developed within 10 weeks.

The purpose of the pre-diploma practice is to improve the skills of research work, the registration of its results; formation of skills for performing educational and scientific essays of a qualifying nature; preparation of materials for the thesis. 2 credits of undergraduate practice are mastered within 5 weeks.

The bases of educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice are:

Linguistic school-gymnasium №26 named after Zhambyla;

Secondary school №13 named after Mukumi

Secondary school No. 11 named after A. Navoi

Secondary school № 18 named after Sh.Ualikhanova

Secondary school №6 named after J. Balasaguna

Secondary school No. 17 named after M.Yu. Lermontov

Secondary school №4 named after H. Dosmukhamedova

Secondary school № 24 named after S. Erubaeva

School № 111 named after M Mametova

Secondary school № 92 named

School-lyceum №46

OSH them. N. Turekulova

Secondary school № 31 named after Tereshkova

Secondary school number 21 named after A.P. Chekhov

School-lyceum. DI. Mendeleev

South Kazakhstan Pedagogical College

Professional practice programs (educational, industrial, pre-diploma) are a compulsory subject of discussion at meetings of departments. The practice bases correspond to the requirements of the educational program, experienced teachers of the department and representatives of organizations are appointed as practice leaders. The organization of the practice provides for preliminary consultations, acquaintance with the base of practice, determination of heads of practice, participation in the work of the base of practice, preparation of reporting documentation. Based on the results of the practice, the students submit a report to the corresponding department, which is checked by the head of the practice and defended before the commission at the department. The results of the defense of the report are assessed by a differentiated test according to the established point-rating letter rating system and are heard at the final conference. In order to coordinate the training of specialists, taking into account the requirements of employers required in the labor market, increase the efficiency of educational and research work, organize advanced training of employees of the enterprise and teachers as one of the forms of integration of education, science and production, increase the efficiency of activities and strengthen the relationship of structural subdivisions of the university with innovative organizations and enterprises to ensure the development of the material, technical and experimental-production base of scientific and innovative subdivisions, an educational and production complex (UPK) was created in the specialty "5В011900-Foreign language: two foreign languages", on the basis of a linguistic school-gymnasium No. 26 named after Zhambyl (Shymkent).
International activities and academic mobility
Students, undergraduates and teachers of the Department of Foreign Philology actively participate in academic mobility programs, are actively involved in international activities: they improve their qualifications in leading foreign universities, and they also invite professors from foreign partner universities to give lectures.
Within the framework of "Silkway International Week-2021", the Department of Foreign Philology organized a scientific and methodological online seminar on the topic: "Formation of media literacy among students of foreign faculties on the basis of foreign language media texts", with the participation of a master of pedagogy, senior teacher of the Taganrog Institute named after A. P. Chekhov - Irina Aleksandrovna Kovalskaya. Here teachers, undergraduates and students were able not only to listen to the presentation of a colleague from Taganrog, but also to discuss topical issues on foreign language education in the modern world.
Lectures by a foreign professor to students and undergraduates of the EP "Translation Studies", "Foreign language: two foreign languages"
While reading lectures, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A.V. Puzyreva for students and undergraduates of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages

During lectures Head of the DAAD Information Center

Bartolomeus Minkowski with students and undergraduates of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" DAAD

Professor of the University of Barcelona Salvador Rodriguez giving lectures to undergraduates of the EP "Foreign language: two foreign languages" on the topic: "The use of the CLIL approach for teaching"
Students during an online Chinese lesson with teachers from Shinyang University.
Senior teachers of the department Tursunova T.Zh., Baynazarova L.A., Yusupova G.T. at the National University of Uzbekistan named after M. Ulugbek under the program of academic mobility
Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of English Language of the Astakhan State University during online classes for students and undergraduates of the Department of Foreign Philology
At the Department of Foreign Philology, work on external and internal academic mobility has been activated, and there are also contracts and agreements on scientific cooperation with the following universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.

List of contracts:

1. University of Barcelona 2019

2. University of Castilla La Mancha 2019

3. University of Aveiro 2019

4. Romanian American University 2019

5. Polytechnic University of Valencia 2019

6. Jaen University 2019

7.Shanghai Polytechnic University 2019

8. Baltic International Academy 2019

9. Ankara University 2019

10. University of Putra Malaysia 2019

11.University of Malaysia Pahang 2019

12. University of the Middle East 2019

13. Pedagogical University. Public Education Commission in Krakow 2019

14. Public Academy of Sciences in Lodz 2019

15. Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University named after M.A. Dobrolyubov 2019

16. University named after S. Beheshti 2019

17.Baku Eurasian University 2019

18.National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek 2019

19.Cyprus International University 2019

20.UCSI University 2019

21. UNPK International University of Kyrgyzstan 2019

22. International University of Tourism Silk Road 2019

Today, Silkway International University cooperates with the following foreign universities and international partners: universities of the People's Republic of China, Gazi University of Turkey, the Lithuanian International Academy of the Baltic States and the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship, universities in Germany, Barcelona, Poland and other countries. far and near abroad, as well as leading universities of Kazakhstan: KazNPU named after Abay, KazNPU named after Al-Farabi, Aktobe University named after I. S. Baisheva, Karaganda State Technical University Miras, Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi.

In the summer and autumn semesters of the 2019-2020 academic year, the following students of the Department of Foreign Philology were sent to universities in Kazakhstan and abroad through the Academic Mobility Center of the Silkway International University under the program of internal academic mobility. Also, the Silkway International University exchanged knowledge from universities in Kazakhstan for the specialty 119-71 , 3-year, 5-semester Amal Aliya, Kasym Aruzhan, Bazar Alibek, Aktobe University named after S. Baisheva on specialty 119-71, 3-year, 5-semester Khalkulova Ugilzhan Ravshanbekovna.

In 2020, for the 4th semester, a student of group 119-87 Abdinabieva Rissolat spent a semester on academic mobility at the University of Barcelona.

Awards and achievements of the teaching staff and students of the department

On behalf of Elbasy, chairman of the Nur Otan party N. Nazarbayev, PhD in Philology, head of the Department of Foreign Philology Artykbayeva Fazila Ilmarovna was greatly grateful for her active participation in the national action "BIZ BIRGEMIZ". The action was held at the initiative of the Nur Otan party in the Turkestan region during the pandemic.

Senior teachers A.K. Moldaslamova and A. Khudaibergenov in December 2020 were awarded with First Degree diplomas and a badge in the "Leader Teacher-2020" nomination at the republican competition organized by the National Innovation Research Center "Bilim Urkenieti".
Based on the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 03.03.2020 No. 843-5-1666 / 11-4 in the republican competition for the nominations "Best teacher award-2020", "Leader teacher - 2020" organized by the National Innovation Research Center "Civilization of Knowledge" ... The teachers of the department were awarded first degree diplomas: Ph.D. F.I.Artyқbaeva, master G.T. Umarbekova, master A.S. Myrzabaev, master D. Antontseva, senior teacher Tursunova T.Zh., senior teacher A.K. Moldaslamova.

Ortikova Shahzoda Bahramkizi, student of the Department of Foreign Philology of the International University of Silkway, was awarded the I degree Diploma "Best Young Scientist of CIS-2020"

Student of Silkway International University Shakhnoza Bakhadirovna Khusanova, Sevara Daniyarovna Anarmetova took 1st place in the Republican Olympiad in English organized by the Republican Scientific and Methodological Center "USTAZ TILEGI"

A student of the Silkway International University Turganbai Maira took the 1st place in the Republican Olympiad in English organized by the Republican Scientific and Methodological Center "USTAZ TILEGI"

A student of the Silkway International University Urazalieva Oltinai Okhunbekkyzy, Orazkul Pakizat was awarded a II degree diploma in the Republican essay competition "Menin suyikti ustazym".
February 19, 2020 Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Philology A. O. Spatay and L. A. Baynazarova took part in the republican competition "The Best Teacher of the Year" in the city of Nursultan.
The Victory of SILKWAY students at the language festival "Til tatastyk tuy"

On October 24, 2019, the International Festival "Til tatastyk tuy" was held at the Youth Resource Center. Teams of higher educational institutions of Shymkent city took part in the language festival. About 10 teams competed with each other, presenting colorful theatrical performances, as well as musical and dance performances to the audience. The team of 4th year students of the Faculty of Philology, the Department of Foreign Philology took the honorable 1st place with the theatrical performance "Romeo and Juliet", ahead of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University and South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.
Мass media
03/26/2021 the Republican educational socio-political newspaper "Bilimdi El" published an article: Pedagogical practice of Silkway International University undergraduates. It is written by Artykbaeva Fazila Ilmarkyzy, Candidate of Philology, Head of the Department of Foreign Philology
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