Faculty of Education
Tenlibaeva Aimkul Serikbaevna
Dean of the Faculty of Education, Doctor of Biological Sciences
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Teacher education is the foundation of the education system as a whole, and the teacher is its key figure. The teacher has always been and remains a socially mature, creative person, a competent specialist who owns the entire arsenal of tools. This is a person capable of and striving for professional improvement.

The Faculty of Education is a laboratory for the development and testing of innovative pedagogical technologies. The teachers and students of the faculty are distinguished by their enthusiasm for the pedagogical process, constant striving for self-improvement.

Over its long history, the faculty has trained more than 5000 primary school teachers, university teachers, colleges, educators, preschool methodologists, practical psychologists, speech therapists, defectologists, social workers, social educational psychologists, social educators who meet the needs of the region in highly qualified specialists.
Natural-creative faculty
The natural-creative faculty is one of the key structural divisions of the university, which trains highly qualified personnel in 5 areas and 17 undergraduate specialties in new basic programs.

In particular, the direction 6В015 - Teacher training in natural sciences includes such popular specialties as: В01501 - Chemistry; В01502 - Biology; В01503 - Chemistry and biology.

There are specialized classrooms and laboratories where you can turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills.
Direction 6В041 - Business and management prepares specialists, without whom the dynamic development of our sovereign state is impossible. We are talking about specialties: В04101 - Accounting and audit; В04102 - Economics; 6В04103 - Finance.
Direction: 6В042 - Law includes the specialty В04201 - Jurisprudence.
Direction: 6В014 - Training of teachers with a subject specialization of general development includes specialties: В01401 - Initial military training; В01402 - Physical culture and sports; В01403 - Music education; В01404 - Artistic work and design; В01405 - Pedagogy of technical and vocational education.
There is a Sports Palace, where students can engage in various sports in sections under the guidance of experienced teacher-trainers and instructors.
It is not for nothing that the faculty is famous for its many champions and prize-winners of international and republican competitions.

At the faculty in the 2020-2021 academic year, 2847 students study in the above specialties.
The highly qualified teaching staff of the faculty, which numbers about 140, among which the majority of doctors and candidates of sciences, professors, associate professors and senior teachers, trains specialists.
The specialists trained by the teaching staff of the faculty are in demand in the labor market, which is confirmed by the high level of employment.
Qualification requirements for graduates are posted on the faculty website in the context of specialties.
The teaching staff and students of the faculty actively participate in the educational process, are engaged in scientific activities, actively participate in the social life of the university.
All the necessary conditions have been created for students to receive a decent education and creative development!
Faculty of Philology
Niyazbekova Saltanat Zhapparkhanovna
Dean of the Faculty of Philology. Master of Science in Education
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The mission of the faculty: is to train highly qualified specialists for the education system, carrying out professional activities in the field of training, education, development and social adaptation of the individual.

The policy and goals of the ICS in the field of quality are inextricably linked with the mission of the university and are aimed at achieving high rates of demand for graduates through the maximum involvement of employers in the development and implementation of educational programs, integration of education, science and upbringing.

The goals and objectives of the MNP are consistent with the mission of the University and the Faculty, meet the needs of potential consumers, which ensures the training of in-demand and competitively capable specialists.

Employers, as external consumers of Silkway International University products, are directly involved in the development of educational programs. Curricula, catalogs of elective disciplines are discussed with employers for updating disciplines, developing professional competencies.
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