Department of Informatics and Mathematics
The Department of Informatics and Mathematics was established in the 2002-2003 academic year. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor A.N. Zhidebaeva served as head of the department from 2005 to 2017. In the 2017 - 2018 academic year, the head of the department was Master, Senior Lecturer T.T. Zaurbekov. Currently, the head of the Department of Informatics and Mathematics is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor A.N. Zhidebaeva. There are 32 teaching staff at the department. Of these, 2 doctors of sciences, 11 candidates of sciences, 2 Phd, 10 senior teachers, 2 masters, 5 teachers, 1 laboratory assistant.
Scientific work
In order to promote the development of education and science in the Turkestan region through the support of talented students who want to improve and enrich their knowledge in the professional field; involve them in new forms of educational process organization; encourage young people to form an innovative idea of scientific research and achieve its results; widely distribute the best scientific and educational experience among students and young scientists of SILKWAY international University, a competition of educational grants named after B. S. Yunusov was held in the specialties of SILKWAY International University. According to the results of the competition, 3 students of the Department of computer Science and mathematics received an educational grant named after B. S. Yunusov. In particular:
Преподаватели кафедры
Candidate of technical Sciences, acting associate Professor, Head of the Department of «Informatics and mathematics»

Doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor
Ph. D., senior lecturer
Master of science, senior lecturer.
Shaimerdenova Guldana Smakhulovna
Master's degree, senior lecturer.
Master's degree, senior lecturer.
Master of applied mathematics, senior lecturer.
Master's degree, senior lecturer.
Master's degree, senior lecturer.
Master's degree, senior lecturer.
Master of technical Sciences, teacher.
Social educational activities
Upbringing is a specially organized, purposeful and controlled impact of the collective, educators on the educated in order to form the given qualities in him, carried out in educational institutions and covering the entire educational process.
At South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University, students will discuss specific issues and methods of teaching and education.
Curators learn about education, business, skills, and parenting, and conduct planned, focused, and educational work.
The essence of the educational process is to create a system of collective and social relations of youth, analysis of the results of pedagogical situations, educational effects, regulation of planning; Development and implementation of the educational process; adjusting educational impacts; conclusion, accounting and control.
Educational work at the University is carried out according to the following plan:
Formation of patriotic consciousness;
Legal education;
Promotion of interethnic tolerance and social cooperation and the prevention of international terrorism and religious extremism;
Spiritual and moral development;
Research and creative activities;
Attracting students to mass sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle;
Professional education of students;
Charitable assistance to orphans, half-orphans, low-income families and large families.
Teaching practice
The main goal of teaching practice is the formation of professional skills of a foreign language teacher in practical activities on the basis of theoretical training in psychology, pedagogy and methods of teaching mathematics and computer science, as well as on the basis of an analysis of the educational process in a particular educational institution and generalization of positive teaching experience.
Industrial practice is aimed at implementing theoretical knowledge and improving practical skills and abilities in preschool institutions, general education schools, boarding schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, sports schools, colleges and other educational and specialized institutions for pedagogical specialties.
In the formation of programs of practices, their organization, an important role is assigned to corporate partners, employers. Practice programs reflect the goals, objectives of the practice, the competencies formed, the main content of practical activities and the requirements for reporting documentation, assessment criteria. The bases of practice are determined in accordance with the contracts concluded with institutions, organizations and enterprises.

Awards and achievements
International connections
The staff and students of the department can improve their professional qualifications and academic mobility at the following universities.
1. Gomel State University named after Francysk Skaryna
2. Tambov State Technical University
3. Baku Eurasian University
4. University of Barcelona
5. University of Putra Malaysia
6. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
7. National University of Uzbekistan Mirzo Ulugbek
8. Tula State Pedagogical University
9. Tajik Pedagogical Institute
The teaching staff of the department took part in the seminar of the University of Putra Malaysia, Professor, Ph.D. Dr. Mohamed Bin Osman on the topic "Wireless LAN 802.11 Wireless: problems and solutions."
PhD Doctor of the Department Zhumataev Nurlybek Srayilovich visited the "Modern Educational - Research Institute" of Belgium.

List of students trained in Kazakhstan and abroad of the Department of Informatics and Mathematics under the program "Academic mobility"
1 Artikulova Umida Tolkinovna 6В01504 Mathematics, 2nd course, gr109-91, Karaganda University named after academician E.A. Buketov
2 Taғaykhan Ayazhan Ergaliқyzy 6В01504 Mathematics, 2nd course, gr109-91 University of Syrdariya
3 Ibragimova Shakhnoza Olimjon kizi 6В06101 Aқparatttyқ tekhnologálar zh программаne programmala, 2 course 157-92, Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Al-Khwarizmi
4 Ibragimov Ulugbek Alimzhanovich, 6В06101 Aқparaтtyқ tekhnologálar zhәne programmalaau, Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Al-Khorazmiy
The event carried out in the department of "Computer Science and Mathematics" according to the plan of the employment department

At our university, seminars were held to strengthen relations with employers. In February 2020, a seminar was held from the specialized trilingual boarding school No. 2 of the city of Shymkent, deputy director for academic work, and a teacher of mathematics of the highest category N. Karymbaeva on the criterion: "Evaluation criterion for training in the updated educational program". The seminar was attended by teachers of the Department of Informatics and Mathematics.

University Silkway
Гульзат Сабырханова
Жанат Далихан
Айгерім Тоқтарова Бастарбекқызы
Ордабек Асылтаң Сағиұлы
Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, Bagin Musdin, Deputy Mayor of Shymkent, Sattibayev Aibek Berikovich, Head of Digital Assets Department Maratovich Abdrakhanov met
Regional subject Olympiad in mathematics and computer science among students of grades 9-11 was held at school №41 named after K. Darimbayev of Zhetysai district of Turkestan region in conjunction with SILKWAY International University on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence and the 80th anniversary of the school.
Following the results of the Olympiad, the 11th place student of K.Darimbayev Secondary School №41 Zh.Nurzhanovna, who took the first place, was awarded a grant from SILKWAY International University. A.Ashimkhan, a 9th grade student, and D.Umirzak, an 11th grade student of Жаңа44 "Zhana Dala" school, shared the second place.
A.Medelkhan, 10th grade student of Zhana Dala school, E.Kamal, 10th grade student of №43 Kyzyl Tan school, A.Ashim, 10th grade student of №41 school took the third place.
All students received memorable gifts.
Letters of thanks were awarded to teachers of students who showed high results in each subject.
The ceremony of awarding the winners of the Games in memory of the founder of the University, Professor BS Yunusov.
Following the results of the traditional competition "SPARTAKIADA" among faculty and administrative staff of SILKWAY International University, dedicated to the memory of the founder of the University, Professor Bakhtiyar Saidovich Yunusov:
1. In volleyball competitions:
"Pedagogical" faculty took the second place;
2. Table tennis competitions (among men):
"Pedagogical" faculty took the second place;
3. In table tennis competitions (among girls):
"Pedagogical" faculty took the third place;
In the final team places, the Faculty of "Pedagogy" took second place and was awarded valuable prizes.
CONGRATULATIONS to our colleagues who took an active part in the Games !!!
Department of Informatics and Mathematics - Social and educational work
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