The educational program
8D011 - Pedagogy and Psychology
The educational program of doctoral studies 8D011 - Pedagogy and Psychology is aimed at training personnel in doctoral studies with the award of the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), ensures the achievement of educational educational results in accordance with the requirements established by the State Educational Standard, determines the goals, objectives, planned results, content and organization educational activities at the level of higher and postgraduate education and is implemented through educational and methodological, research, innovative and extracurricular activities.

The educational program of doctoral studies 8D011 - Pedagogy and Psychology is designed on the basis of a modular system for studying disciplines and contains 3 modules, which consist of theoretical training, basic cycles and major disciplines, practical training of students: various types of practices, scientific or professional internships, research work and final certification.

The mission of the educational program is Decent education for future competitive specialists in the specialty 8D011 "Pedagogy and Psychology" of professionals who meet the needs of society and the labor market.

The goal is a modular educational program for the preparation of doctoral students

specialty 8D011 - "Pedagogy and Psychology" is to ensure the modern quality of education based on its fundamental qualities, the introduction of educational standards and programs taking into account trends, the development of an intellectual, innovative society, a combination of professional education with the development of a humanitarian culture, creating a spiritually rich, intellectually equipped, social responsible person.

Educational and methodological seminar
On February 12, 2021 a 2nd-year doctoral student of the Educational Program "Pedagogy and Psychology" Zhanzakova Meruert, held a seminar on the theme of her doctoral dissertation "Introduction of coaching in the educational process of the university" The seminar was attended by teaching staff of the Department "Pedagogy and Psychology".

13.03.2021 Head of the Department of "Pedagogy and Psychology" Baibekova M. M. participated in the meeting of the dissertation Council for the defense of doctoral dissertations on education Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the specialties 6D010300" Pedagogy and Psychology", 6D010200 "Methods and pedagogy of primary education" and 6D010900 "Mathematics" at the "Zhetysu University named after I. Zhansugurov".

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