Department of " Language disciplines"
In 1992, the Department of Kazakh language and literature was established. In the period 1992-1999, the Department of Kazakh language and literature was renamed into the Department of Kazakh language and of law, Professor Syzdykovk. The so-called departments were immortalized in 2007 and published in Kazakh literature and literature. Department.Ph. D. in history Temirbekovagulzhamilagarbekovnabasa. In 2014, the Department was renamed the Department of foreign languages and was renamed the Department. In the 2019-2020 academic year, Gulnar Islamovna akylbayeva was appointed head of the Department of language disciplines. Currently, graduates of the specialty have a bachelor's degree in Kazakh language and literature, work in all regions of the country in higher and secondary educational institutions, in the media.

The Department agrees:

Bachelor's degree in 5b011600 - " Kazakh language and literature»

Owners – 4 years

Bachelor of science 5b011700 - " Russian language and literature»

Owners – 4 years

The Department has 22 teachers: 1 doctor, 10 candidates of Sciences, 8 masters, 3 senior lecturer
Research work
On November 27-28, SILK WAY International University presented the project of the Department of language disciplines " ethnocultural names in the language of Mahmud Kashgari's work "Diwan lugat at-Turk "(XI century) and their representations in the modern Kazakh language".

Project Manager G. temirbekova Ph. D., associate Professor, linguist, defended his thesis on the Kazakh language. Performers: Akilbaeva G. I.-D. Ph. D., acting associate Professor, Sauranbekova G. B-master of arts, teacher., Userbaeva Ainur Makhambetova, master of Humanities, lecturer., Talapbek Aigerim-1st year master's degree in Kazakh language and literature of Silkway International University., Gulnara bykybayeva-2nd year master's degree in Kazakh language and literature of Silkway International University., Bekmukhamed simbat Pazylkhanovna, 2nd year student of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" of Silkway International University., Yesentai Indira is a 2nd year student of the specialty Kazakh language and literature of Silkway International University.

The project duration is 2 years. The total amount (cost estimate) requested for 2 years under grant funding is 2 000 000 thousand tenge.

The aim of the project is to consider the system of ethnocultural names in the orthatürk language "Diwan lugat at-Turk" in the historical-comparative, linguistic-cognitive aspect with the modern Kazakh language. The aim of the project is a comprehensive study of a special lexical and semantic group in the language of medieval written heritages characteristic of the kipshak-Oguz, Oguz-Kipchak languages in a historical and comparative context, which is the object of a comprehensive study of the level of involvement in the monuments of modern Turkic languages. Materials related to ethnocultural names are classified from the cognitive-thematic point of view and, in turn, are compared with the lexical materials of modern Turkic languages.

The scientific novelty of the topic-ethnocultural names in the work of Mahmud Kashgari "Diwan lugat at-Turk" (1074), which reached the XI century, defines the identity and features, considering in combination with the vocabulary of the modern Kazakh language. "Ethnocultural names in the language of Mahmud Kashgari's work, called the encyclopedia of Turkic languages, in Turkology have not yet been considered in this aspect. Ethnocultural vocabulary in some Turkic languages is the subject of research by scientists, but it is a new direction in the transformation of linguistic and cultural materials reflected in the monuments of the history of writing, in the historical-comparative, linguistic-cognitive object of research activities with modern Turkic languages.

The competition of educational grants for them.B. S. Yunusova-2019
From 10 to 24 October 2019, Silkway International University held a competition of research projects on educational grants.B. S. Yunusov-the founder of the University for students, undergraduates, doctoral students. This competition has been held in our University since 2017.

The competition for the 2019-2020 academic year was attended by 70 applicants who completed tasks consisting of three stages. This year, the number of educational grants doubled, as a result of the protection of scientific projects, 15 grants were awarded to bachelors, 1 grant to master's degree, 1 grant to doctoral studies. Three students, who became the owners of 15 grants, became students of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature".

1. Zhaksybekova ASEM "the value of reading and listening skills in the lessons of the Kazakh language".

2. Yesentai Indira "features of the use of phrases in the ancient Turkic language".

3. Atazhieva Dilyara "special use of the lexeme "konil" in the works of Abay and Magzhan".

Management of scientific work of students is the candidate of philological Sciences akylbaeva Gulnar Islamovna. Now the grant holders will continue their studies for free and receive a scholarship.

21.09.2020 the organizer of the Republican scientific and methodological center "USTAZ TILEGI" is the winner of the Republican Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature among students with a diploma of the 2nd degree awarded to the student of TB 116-91 Kurbanov al-Bukhari Sultanbekovich, head: Raimbekova H. A.
03.12.2020 to 10.12.2020 the Diploma of the first degree for participation in the international creative competitions" Competition for the best scientific project " was awarded to Kurbanov al-Bukhari Sultanbekovich, student of group 116-91 Saparaly Aizhan, head: Temirbekov Zh. K. Raimbekova Kh. a.
On December 12, 2021, Silkway International University hosted a subject Olympiad among schoolchildren of Baidibek district, organized by the Department of Language Disciplines of the Faculty of Philology.
The subject Olympiad of schoolchildren is one of the most effective forms of identifying and developing gifted children, increasing students ' interest in scientific knowledge. The organizing committee was established by the order of the Rector of Silkway International University to coordinate and implement the organizational work on the preparation and holding of the Olympiad.

Chairman of the Jury: S. Zh. Niyazbekova-Silkway International University, Dean of the Faculty of Philology. Members: Аkylbaeva G. I. - Phys.N., associate Professor, international University Silkway, head of Department of linguistic disciplines Kopbosynov M. A. - Phys.N., International University Silkway, acting associate Professor of the Department of linguistic disciplines, M. Nsabi the master's degree, international University Silkway, senior lecturer in language discipline., Abdykappar A. T. master, international University Silkway, senior lecturer in language arts.

Schools that participated in the Olympiad:

Karakumskaya SOSH, Spataevskaya SOSH, Kokaralskaya SOSH, B. Tolenbaevskaya SOSH, M. Zhumabaevskaya SOSH, Tortkulskaya SOSH The Olympiad was held in 2 stages. 37 students took part in the 1st stage, the students completed test tasks in the Kazakh language and literature. In the 2nd stage, 12 students who scored more than 30 points passed the test.

1. Pernebayeva Ainur

2. Aitbay Sanzhar

3. Aruzhan Konkabay

4. Kulmakhanbet Nurkhat

5. Toresultan Dariga

6. Umirzak Madina

7. Sagida Zhumakhanovna

8. Nurmakhan Beybarys

9. Yelemes Nazerke 1

0. Aruzhan Aruzhan

11. Karabay Assel

12. Sultanbek Dilnora

At stage 2, students wrote an essay on one of three topics. The written work was evaluated with a maximum of 30 points according to four criteria:

1) the content of the work, the depth of thought - 10 points;

2) style and language of writing-10 points;

3) writing literacy - 10 points.

One of the Essay topics is a free topic, two are selected in accordance with the curriculum. The following topics were offered to the students:

The national spirit in Magjan's poetry. Zhusupbek is a master of storytelling.

Music in the poetry of Tumanbai. Poetry of Saken Seifullin.

It was noted that in whatever topic they are chosen, you need to write in an artistic language, using fragments of poetry, oratorical words.

According to the results of the tasks given by the decision of the subject jury, three prizes were awarded.

The student who took the first place, Sagida Zhumakhanovna, was awarded a personal grant from the president of the University for the educational program of the Kazakh language and literature of the Silkway International University.

The winner of the second place of the Olympiad, Sultanbek Dilnora, and the third place, Toresultan Dariga, were awarded with a letter of thanks from the rector of the Silkway International University and prizes.

Educational and methodical work
Educational and methodological work at the Department of" language disciplines " is carried out within the framework of the annual plan approved by the Department. One of the most important issues in the education system today is the use of new technologies. Mastering new pedagogical technologies of teaching requires a huge amount of business and creative search from the teacher. Systematic search for such a goal allows teachers to master new technologies and innovate, so in the course of educational and methodological work, we will focus on this issue. New technologies are a source of actions that update the professional activity of teachers and allow them to achieve the planned result. The main goal of Modern teachers is to improve the quality of students ' knowledge, create an opportunity for them to become a full – fledged individual. In this regard, since recently various pedagogical technologies of teaching have been developed and the formation of a fully developed personality, the main part of the methodological system for new technologies remains the goal of teaching. Therefore, in the lessons, new types of technical means are used using audio and video materials. In this regard, the teaching staff enters each other's classes according to the approved annual plan, organizes and discusses open lessons.
On October 22, 2019, an educational and methodological seminar was held at the Department of" language disciplines". G. Parmenkulova, S. Niyazbekova made presentations on the topic: "updating the content of education: orientation for the future". In this report, "the content of Education is the basis for the formation of qualifications and comprehensive development of the individual, and our path to the future depends on the creation of new opportunities that reveal the potential of Kazakhstanis. He noted that a developed country in the XXI century is an active, educated and healthy citizen.

On December 23, 2019, associate professor of the Department of" language disciplines", candidate of philological Sciences Temirbekova G. K. held an educational and methodological seminar on the topic:" the effectiveness of the practice of using didactic games in teaching the Kazakh language". The seminar focused on active methods of teaching at the University, gave a description of the types of games. Methods in the form of games include: 1. toning Games; 2. lexical Games; 3. phonetic Games; 4 . Communicative Games; 5 story-Role-Playing Games; 6. didactic games; 7. Business games; 8. role-playing games; 9.classified and commented on as training games. On the interactive whiteboard, we showed samples of lessons.
On February 19, 2020, associate professor of the Department of" language disciplines", candidate of philological Sciences Yakovenko L. K. theoretical and methodological disciplines. On April 18, 2020, Raimbekova H. A. made a report on the topic:"fundamentals of professional activity", and an educational and methodological seminar on the topic:" the importance of independent work of students in the credit education system " was held according to the established plan. At the present stage, a new education system has been created in the Republic, and Kazakhstan's education system is moving towards integration into the world educational space. Updated content of education through active learning, involving all students in the lesson using various methods and techniques, instilling motivation, interest in the subject. In the updated curricula, the content and goals of the discipline are consistent and effective for teachers. The evaluation success criteria are also very well covered.

At the department, the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" on education " (1999) provides for one of the principles of state policy in the field of education - the role aimed at the formation of the individual and the need for teachers to ensure that students receive knowledge, skills and abilities not lower than the level provided for by the state educational standard, creating conditions for the development of their individual creative abilities. The fact that traditional learning technologies do not guarantee full assimilation of knowledge at the level of state standards is reflected in the results of students ' educational achievements. In this regard, priority is given to improving the quality of education by improving the current technologies of improving the educational and methodological process and applying them in teaching.
03.12.2020 to 10.12.2020 23.11.2020A literary evening dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev was held with the participation of students of SILKWAY International University and foreign students of Ankara University. The event was attended by a number of professors and teachers of Ankara University, led by Sevil Pirieva Karaman, as well as foreign students. Songs of the great poet, as well As words of edification, poems in Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish were performed.The first degree diploma for participation in the international creative competitions" Competition for the best scientific project " was awarded to Kurbanov al-Bukhari Sultanbekovich, student of group 116-91 Saparaly Aizhan, head: Temirbekov Zh. K. Raimbekova Kh. a.
About qualification improvement
On January 14, 2021, at 12.00 o'clock, the Department of "Language Disciplines" of the Faculty of Philology held a master class on the topic "Updated content of education in literature lessons". Guest of the lesson senior lecturer of the Department of Innovative Education and Information Technologies of the Center for Advanced Training "Orleu" Kerimbekova Fatima Kairatovna.

Fatima Kairatovna emphasized that the program is aimed not at mastering knowledge, but at developing cognitive abilities and cognitive processes of the individual through specially created educational and cognitive rooms, at determining the safety, self-realization, significance of the individual, at developing creative needs and active vocabulary (oral and written) through communication, games. Teachers of the department fully participated in the master class and shared their opinions.
Duration of training: 2 weeks, 72 hours

Form of education: full-time, with a break from work

Place of passage: Gomel State University named after F. Skorina, Republic of Belarus

The result is a certificate of professional development

From March 4, 2019 to March 13, 2019, teachers of the Department of language disciplines Niyazbekova S.Zh. and Parmenkulova G.A. passed qualifications at the Institute for Qualification Improvement and Retraining of Personnel of the Educational Institution "The Gomel State University named after F. Skorina " according to the program "Improvement of skills in the field of pedagogical management at the present stage" and fully completed the curriculum of the educational program in the following sections:

1. Psychology of educational process management - 22 hours.

2. Management of the educational process - 50 hours

In order to strengthen cooperation between the universities and develop mutually beneficial relations, they discussed joint publications, research projects, and exchange of best practices in the field of education and science.

During our stay at the university, excursions to the office of Skorina, the Polish language room, the Hebrew and Israeli culture study room, the Russian Studies Center, the Chinese Language Training Center and one of the Confucius Institute offices were organized for us. We also visited the Literary Museum and the Literary and Educational Center Patriotica. A meeting with the students of this university was organized, we got acquainted with the work of the psychological workshop "Sand play". With a group of psychology students we visited a school for the hearing impaired, where students of the university presented a psychological setting for the students.

During the conversation with the rector of GSU Sergey Khakhomov, in order to strengthen cooperation between the universities and the development of mutually beneficial relations, the parties exchanged information on the main areas of work of the universities, talked about the features of the educational process and research activities, discussed prospects for cooperation between the GSU and the SILKWAY International University. Issues of joint publications, scientific projects, exchange of best practices in education and science, academic exchange, internships, videoconferencing, and publication of joint scientific collections were discussed with the Dean of the Faculty of Philology Elena Poluyan.

The qualification improvement that we planned on an individual basis was completed according to the schedule. We hope for a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with colleagues from the Gomel State University named after F. Skorina.

On January 13, 2021, at Silkway International University, the Department of Language Disciplines of the Faculty of Philology held a master class on the topic: "updated content of education-the beginning of innovation". Guest of the lesson were coach of JSC NCPC "Orleu" senior lecturer of the Department of Innovative Education and Information Technologies of the Center for Advanced Training Kerimbekova Fatima Kairatovna. To improve pedagogical skills and introduce a system of criteria-based assessment were based on the updated curriculum, advanced training courses.

The task of our philologists is creation of the spiritual and moral basis of the individual is a mandatory.

In the context of the updated content of education, students acquire speaking, listening, reading and writing skills that will help them solve vital problems in the future.

For a person to fully communicate, he must have the following abilities: quickly and correctly adapt to the situation of communication; competently plan his speech; be versatile; find a way to fully convey his thoughts and be able to establish feedback.

Our coach Fatima Kairatovna was so interested in the teaching materials of the course that we had a new desire to learn and improve our knowledge.

The teachers received wonderful impressions and gratitude.
Practice and employment
The main goal of educational practice is to realize the ability of students to control and analyze the educational process, to explain the essence and logic of the relationship between teacher and student.

The educational practice complements the students ' special knowledge of the Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature and pedagogy, instills the skills of their effective use in solving specific pedagogical tasks. Forms future teachers 'pedagogical skills, professionally significant personal qualities, educates students' steady interest in the teaching profession, a sense of need for pedagogical self-improvement.

Teaches a creative, research-based approach to teaching. Masters the study of the age characteristics of students and as a person.

In educational practice, a student can pass all levels of competence formation of pedagogical specialists. Management of students ' practice is carried out by experienced teachers of the department and employees of highly specialized practice.

On behalf of the University, the Department of Planning, organization, monitoring and control of the educational process of the university provides general management and control over the organization and conduct of the practice.

The purpose of pedagogical practice is the formation of skills and abilities of pedagogical skills of future teachers and the development of personality. In the organization of educational work in the school practice of the future teacher, as well as in the pedagogical assistance to the teaching of a particular subject, it becomes possible to apply in practice the theoretical knowledge obtained by him from psychological science. Implements the application of theoretical and practical knowledge of students in teaching methods of theoretical disciplines, forms a methodology for conducting psychological and educational work with students. Students, developing the ability to work with educational and methodical literature, master the ways of using traditional, new (including interactive) methods and techniques in accordance with the tasks set in training and education. Improve the ability to plan, conduct lessons in the Kazakh language and literature, Russian language and literature, as well as educational activities. During the pedagogical practice, the psychological study of class students will learn how to correctly project the course of the child's development and its formation as a future teacher's personality, to exert a psychologically and pedagogically correct, positive influence on him and find the most effective ways to work with them. The student for the first time applies in school practice the general theoretical knowledge, skills, and skills acquired in the walls of the university during pedagogical practice, embodies them in life.

At the final stage of the process of preparing students, pre-graduate practice is important for students studying in the specialties "Kazakh language and literature", "Russian language and literature". Pre-graduate practice is an integral part of the general part of the preparatory process of all the student's scientific work related to the specialty of social work during their studies at the university.

The level of preparation of the final work of students according to the internal regulations of the department is indicated when passing the pre-graduate practice. The main purpose of the pre-graduate practice is the implementation of knowledge and skills obtained in theory, practical verification of research on the selected scientific problem, obtained and selected during the educational process, summing up the results of the thesis.

The purpose of the internship: consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge, processing of accumulated data, discussion of conclusions; preparation of students for the defense of their thesis before the State Examination Commission.
International activities and academic mobility
Teachers of the Department of Language Disciplines of the Faculty of Philology of SILKWAY International University Ph. D., Acting Associate Professor R. H. Beisenbayev, Ph. D., Acting Associate Professor G. I. Akylbayev visited Tashkent State Pedagogical University from 20.01.2020 to 25.01.2020. Nizami for the purpose of professional development and academic mobility.
Lectures were given to the 2nd year students of the Philological Faculty of the University and an exchange of experience was held.
In particular, Ph. D., Acting Associate Professor R. H. Beisenbayeva read the course "Abaytan", Ph. D., Acting Associate Professor G. I. Akylbayeva gave special lectures on "phonetics", "syntax" of the Kazakh language.
They took part in a 72-hour course on the advanced training program " Modern trends in education, pedagogical technologies and innovations ", which resulted in certificates being issued
Awards and achievements
In order to promote the program article of the Head of state N. A. Nazarbayev"Bolashakka bagdar: rukhani zhangyru "among teachers of educational institutions, together with the national innovative research center" BILIM-ORKENYETI "and the center for modernization of education of Nur Sultan, a solemn ceremony of awarding the Republican contest" Best teacher-2019"was held.The competition was attended by domestic scientists, teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions. According to the results of the competition teachers of the Department of language disciplines Ph. D. akylbayeva G. I., Ph. D. Temirbekova G. K., senior lecturer H. A. Raimbekova was awarded a letter of thanks of the I degree, a badge.

Educational activities
The Department of foreign languages of the faculty of Philology of the Eurasian national University .L. N. Gumilev organized a meeting "Adamsite BRN si, bauyrym DEP", devoted to anniversary of great Abai..."literary and musical evening".

The main goal is to introduce the works of the wise Abai to the consciousness of young people, to promote the thoughts of the great personality, lyrical poems and words of edification of the poet.

Students of group 117-61-62, 4 courses of specialty Kazakh language and literature. Students took an active part: S. Akzhol, S. alimbayeva, D. Narmetova, S. Anarbek, S. Aitu, S. Yelubay, S. Tuychibekova, etc.

Extraordinary seminar " The heritage of the great Abai-the potential of spiritual revival of the younger generation"

On november 20, SILKWAY International University hosted an extraordinary seminar «The heritage of the great Abai – the potential for spiritual revival of the younger generation», dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev.

The purpose of the seminar is to preserve and promote the literary heritage of the great Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev, to create a sense of patriotism among young people, to participate in the history of their people, to identify and support talented young people in realizing their creative potential.

This seminar was attended by students and undergraduates of the University, who noted the importance of knowledge and teachings of Abay Kunanbayev.

Opening remarks were made by the curator of the group candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of language arts Maksat Kopbosinova. Then the master's student of the M016-20 group of the specialty «Kazakh language and literature» Arystanov Bauyrzhan made a report on the topic «Сontinuity of Abay's poetry with middle Turkic literature» and spoke about the Turkic civilization that influenced Abay's work. They shared their views on the need to study Hakim's work in connection with the legacy of the Golden Horde era, its thematic and ideological consonance, and in-depth analysis of language data.
Online Seminar " Problems of the history of the Kazakh literary language»

On November 27, an online seminar was held at SILKWAY International University "Problems of the history of the Kazakh literary language".

The purpose of the seminar is to understand the General nature of the Kazakh literary language, to form an idea of the literary language, to focus on opinions about the Kazakh literary language, to form a sense of patriotism among young people for their language. This seminar was attended by students and undergraduates of the University, who noted the importance of the history of the literary language, the ways of formation and development of the literary language. An introductory statement was made by candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor of language arts Guljamila Kambarbekovna. Master's student of the M016-20 group of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" Asel Nurbergenkyzy made a report on the topic: "Historical channels underlying the formation of the Kazakh literary language" and told about the properties of the modern literary language – its established norms to a certain extent, that in connection with the development of society, the literary language is continuously developing, changing, improving, and therefore changing the degree and nature. "A literary language is a multi-functional, that is, an interdisciplinary language. Usually one of the conditions for the beginning of the history of civilization is a literary language. The presence of a literary language is a factor that reflects both the versatility of social life and the rise of social development to a higher level. A big sign that a literary language-its structure and principles are common to all native speakers. In Kazakh history, the written language was the language of oral literature, which had this property before the formation of writing. The first formation and development of the features of the Kazakh literary language was associated not only with writing. There is no denying that writing, all the variety of language elements in all their diversity on paper, is individualized in Philology as one of the main conditions for the formation of a literary language and is considered as an immutable condition from the point of view of world languages,"the seminar concluded.

On behalf of the Department, we Express our gratitude to the 1st year undergraduates of the Kazakh language and literature M016-20 for organizing the seminar!
B011600-Kazakh language and literature

Specialty 5B011700-Russian language and literature

can perform the following types of professional activities::

- education (pedagogical) - in secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums;

- research (Junior researcher in research institutions));

- literary and creative (in literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses););

- organizational and managerial (in secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, institutions that are directly related to the profession);

Requirements for specialists of the Kazakh language and literature:

5B011600-bachelor in Kazakh language and literature:

- to have an idea of the diversity of human activity, of spiritual values and their meaning, of the scientific and philosophical approach in the world.;

- on the development of society: diversity of culture and civilization, types of social experience in the world historical and cultural space.

The main goals and objectives of education in the specialty 5B011700-Russian language and literature are::

- to give students a deep knowledge of the worldview, scientific and philosophical foundations of life, the content and theoretical meaning of human's life and activity
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