Acting Director of the International Cooperation and Academic Mobility Center – MERUYERT JANZAKOVA
Address: 27 a Tokaeva street, Front-office.


The main purpose of the International Cooperation and academic mobility Center is the strengthening and further development of the academic reputation of the Silkway International University in the international educational space.

A key focus of the international activities of the Silkway International University is to develop academic partnership with foreign partner- universities, in the framework that implements international educational and scientific projects.

Strategic development goals of the international activities at university:

1. Achievement of international quality standards in the field of research and training programs;

2. Harmonization of SWIU curricula with the curricula of the World leading universities in the corresponding educational programs;

3. Increasing the mobility of students and teaching staff in the international educational process;

4. The introduction and implementation of joint degree programs as an important means of improving the competitiveness of the university in the educational market;

5. Development of international scientific activities of the university, improving the quality and scope of SWIU participation in international scientific, technical and innovation programs and projects;

6. Increase of the international authority of SWIU, through participation in international ratings and accreditation of educational programs and institutionalization of the university in leading international agencies;

7. Attracting foreign students and teaching staff, development of language training for teachers, staff, students;

The main functions of the International

Cooperation and Academic Mobility Center
1. Finding, development and establishment of mutually beneficial relations with partner universities, ranks high in the world rankings, educational and research institutions, the establishment of international partnerships;

2. Search for international programs for students, faculty and staff of SWIU;

3. The implementation of programs of academic mobility of students and faculty, university staff, to attract foreign students, teachers and researchers;

4. Development of double-diploma education;

5. Organization of work on the entry of SWIU into international associations and consortium;

6. Representation of SWIU at international forums and conferences, educational fairs, exhibitions.

The International Cooperation and Academic Mobility Center is the owner of the prestigious international prize in the field of Internationalization of Higher Education from the Association of Eastern European Universities (EEUA). The results of the competition among universities of the CIS countries were announced within the framework of the International Conference "IUNC Eurasia 2019" in Moscow on May 14, 2019. The International Cooperation and Academic Mobility Center was awarded nomination «Best International Department".
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