Qualifying characteristic of the bachelor's degree 6B0117 - Foreign language: two foreign languages
The area of professional activity of the graduate

The bachelor carries out his professional activities in the field of foreign language education in the field of secondary general and post-secondary vocational education, within which the development of personality is ensured by means of a foreign language.
Objects of professional activity of a graduate

The objects of professional activity of bachelor graduates are educational organizations of continuous and successive foreign language education:

- primary, basic and specialized school;
- specialized school;
- secondary technical and professional educational organizations

Bachelor's qualification characteristic 6B023 - Translation Studies
The area of professional activity of the graduate
The graduate of the bachelor's degree - "Translation Studies" is prepared for work in the following areas: administrative and managerial sphere; the sphere of education and science; the sphere of culture and intercultural communication; the sphere of international relations; the sphere of publishing; the sphere of mass media; information and analytical sphere and others.
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